Jan 30, 2009


this life I live...
filled wit material shit but Its like I gotta have it.
I keep my recipts from streetwear sales, when I do get them. I was lookin thru totals and shit...and decided to add them up. the final results was 907.28. i know it dont seen like way too much but take this into consideration; this is from September 08'- Now, all of this was money thats mine and I worked for, these are from the times that I got reciepts and kept them...im pretty sure I got more layin around somewhere.
im not trynna wave money in ur face and shit. Im as ashamed as you are but im still me. and it wont stop...

although this shit is tru (I do love money...lol) I can assure you the choice of song is completely coincidental

Straight Cash (Remix) - French Ft Cassidy

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