Dec 11, 2009

Hollywood Squares

here's a dope track by Richard Wright aka Richforareason and it was produced by 2Hi. Not much to say, only that the track is dope i truly feel that Niggas are SLEEPING on Richforareason and he's underrated point blank. I'm rootin for you Rich!


P.S: im also veryy proud of my blogmate Mike G. and his first studio recorded song with Tyler The Creator! Timeless is dope, and it's a miracle how you got Tyler on the track with you because as we all know he's VERY selective(and rightfully so). much love to you Mike G. keep it comingg! =]

Dec 7, 2009

Mike G - Timeless Ft. Tyler, The Creator (Prod. Left Brain)

First things first; as much as I wish it was, this beat was NOT MADE FOR ME! This is definatly a Mellowhype track. Long nights called for fruitful efforts. Im still conflicted on what imma do with this track.

So this is my first song recorded in a studio. Wonderful experience.

Download: Mike G Ft. Tyler The Creator - Timeless

and I think you should listen to 'Take Time' on MellowHype's myspace

Tyler The Creator - VCR Chopped And Screwed

what more can I say?

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator - VCR Chopped And Screwed

Dec 6, 2009

Tyler, The Creator - VCR

These past 2 weeks i've been doing things ive never done before. Things are changing but still things dont go the way I way I want. It really feels like nothing will ever be the same. The concept of time really bugs the hell out of me. You'll see...

Anyway check out this song by ACE. Really dope.

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator - VCR

Nov 10, 2009

Its Ok...

you can run and tell your friends that im on...

Umm. I got some updates for you.Im working on Mike Check vol II amongst other things.

first things first...heres a lil something I did. Check it out

Mike G - Say Something Freestyle

Next, heres some more chopped and screwed singles that I picked out of the batch

thank you

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Oct 2, 2009

100 $ounds Presents: Mike G - Mike Check Vol.1

yooo...ummm this is my tape. Im the best mayne...I deed it.
haha. Im jus excited that its finally finished and you get to hear the fruits of my labor. I decided to drop the tape today because its my favorite rappers birthday. Although I have had alot of help and support with this project, theres no one other than me that put this together. Still I would like too thank Left Brain, Brandun DeShay, Casey Veggies & the whole Odd Future...the big homie D-Siff, LaVish, Loofy, Lina B, Wiz Khalifa for approvin the takeaway freestyle and Sledgren on the intro, and YOU!

either way in honor of Proof I decided to do a lil bonus track so (Mike) check it...


Disclamer- None of the lyrics in the bonus song are mine...get it?

Sep 19, 2009

The Superb Label Fall 09

its rare to come across good clothing lines. Even rare...r (?) to come across good clothing lines that arent already established with hundreds of co-signers. But I found this line a lil while ago. Products drop 9/20. This is gonna be huge. I kno it...

Click to check The Superb Label out on twitter
Superb Label website
Superb Label myspace

*Xtra Xtra* Mike Check will be out on October 2nd. stay tuned

Sep 16, 2009

Hi Haters

***UPDATE: I got some request to put the chopped and screwed up for DL...CLICK HERE****

Sorry For The Hiatius...

ummm...ionno. Blogging jus seems to take up time. If you still read this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I gotta keep ppl in the loop so. Im still workin on Mike Check (its coming, dont give up on me). Imma give you these two things I did today.

Hodgy Beats Ft. Mike G - Memorex CD's Remix
From what I can recall, this is the first song that has ever had featuring Mike G. The only thing is that this is jus a 'Mike G-Mix' so to say lmao. I need to step my feature game up lol.

Another 1st is this video I put on youtube...I might start puttin stuff up there on occasion

it just seems like the perfect song...

OH!!! dude. Ionno if anyone ever knew about Westcoast Legend :-X

but my young homie substance found it lmfao

and he REALLY wont let me live it down


Aug 14, 2009

Jul 20, 2009

Mike G Presents: Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed

yeahh...that's right

So first I want to apologize to Skeme because his request was to have it finished and released on June 27th and obviously it wasn't. Shit my mind is going thru is stressful. I had alot to say but not anymore. It seems like its unfinished to me but I had to let it go and most of you already know how I feel about my work.
Choice track...Commercial Break Four. defiantly.

I got a whole lot of projects lined up, but I seriously think I need a break. You dont have to keep reminding me...I know what I do.

So Untill Then...Take It Slow, Enjoy.

Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

Download: Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

Jul 9, 2009

Mike G - My Dream (Last Night) Prod. Loofy

Brand new joint. I been sitting on this beat for a while. I would start then start over again. But finally I got it to flow. I like it.

Listen to it on Loofy's page

Hall Of Fame Collegiate H Hats

This jus hit my inbox. These are kinda tight


Jul 7, 2009

Jul 5, 2009

ok...f*ck gonna kill over this

grind time...i'll still take the Radio Killa deal

but fuck cuhh

Jul 3, 2009

Tyler The Creator - SEVEN

So Left Brain was playin this song for us yesterday and this shit was craaazy. Cuz goes off on LA lmao

Download: Tyler, The Creator-Seven

Jul 2, 2009

im gonna DIE over this!!!! :'(


they not even releasing this but RIP Vibe

Jun 25, 2009

Mike Jack

Mann this is unbelievable. I'm not jus posting this to inform you that he passed away cuz im sure you kno that. But if you knew how much influence this man had on my life, you would relate. Years ago his music was alot of what me and my close friend would talk about. It was one area where we shared common ground. I just turned 19 and this jus lets me know that time is slipping away.
(This is gonna seem complicated but)
Its sad that alot of people are focusing on the things that hes done...and not the things that hes done
ok like
I actually seen people say fuck Michael and they're glad he dead, because of how the media portrayed him. They obviously dont realized that most of their favorite singers are here now because of him.
I feel he was one of the artist I could relate to.

im sorry my mind is racing
I have a million things to say and I dont want them to run together put it short hes my favorite singer.
and im having a brain lapse
so ionno

mann fuck...

I think this is the right song...I have no audio so I wouldnt kno and its easy to get the songs mixed up
either way...I wanted 2 Bad (w/ Shaq)

2 Bad - Michael Jackson

Jun 23, 2009

Lina B - iRepp

yo the audio on my comp has been down for a while so I never had a chance to hear this. but if u havent heard this I strongly encourage you to listen.
smash single type shit lmao

DOWNLOAD: Lina B - iRepp

Jun 21, 2009

Mike G-Diamonds

So I went over this Christina Milian...Teairra Mari Christina Milian track jus cause I can do stuff like that. I was going to scrap it due to negative response but f*cc that...I worked hard on production.

DOWNLOAD:Mike G - Diamonds

and if you havnt heard the original (I doubt you have)

DOWNLOAD: Christina Milian Ft. Kanye West-Diamonds

Jun 17, 2009

Post Up

damm....this is tight
Best colorway I've seen in this series

Jun 15, 2009

Jun 12, 2009


I remember bumpin this over and over...

Im trynna work hard but procrastination is a bitch. Nothin seems to be goin my way at the moment. I jus hope it gets better soon. I found out The-Dream is marryin Christina :'( that kinda kills a dream. but


Jun 6, 2009


Im Plus One
Still Trynna Make A Million Plus One
Add A Killin To That
Then I'll Tell Rap That Im Done

thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday so far.
I still aint got shit to do but im feelin kinda good...
never fully
but u kno...
close enough


Jun 3, 2009

Success Freestyle Lyrics

well...i'm supposed to be studying for a test
this is just another form of procrastination but this is one of my favorite tracks that i've done so far. Its the magazine (sorry lol). But its a freestyle for real. One take all dat...I did it a year ago on July 7th I think
sounds like a good release date (do NOT hold me to that...seriously)

listen to it here

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On the Max
And I Be In The Back
Model With Me Bet That
Driver In The Front
Grey, Black
Say That
I'm A Good Rapper That's An Understatement
When Its All Said And Done, I'm Damn Amazing
So I Feel Like My Works Unappreciated
Cherish My Songs,
Just Because I Made It
Cant Wait Just To Say I Made It
And The People Feel The Words When The Rhymes Are Stated
Tired Of Dealing With Repetitive Cats
Weak Ubiquitous Styles And Repetitive Raps

So What Do I Think Of Success?
Eminem Said It Best
Jay Z Said It Next
Mike G Said The Rest
Said The Best
Words You Ever Heard
Next To The Dictionary
He's Very
Valuable To The Game
Feel Like Me And Kobe Are The Same
I Been Good From The Start
Like A Knife Through The Heart
On The Road Like A Car With No Park
You Goin No Where Like a Bentley With No Start...

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On The Max
And I Be In The Black
I Can Go
Faster Than The Others
Ballin On Em Like The Ruckers
But The Cali King
Brings Pain Or Rain
Snow, Hail, Sleet Cant Beat Me Im The Weather Man
Man We Aint The Same...

Broad Daylight I'll Off Ya On Switch
Knock Out Ya Lights Goodnight
Strong Fist
Or Iced Wrist
Fight This
Im So Sick
Write Blue Harvest
Haters Get Wrapped In Plastic
Try The King
You N*ggas Can Get Touched Like iPhone Screens

So What Do I Think Of Success
I Think That Progress Without Process Is Pointless
But Profit Can Come In Anyway
Any Day From Any Place
A Dollar In Any Face
But I Prefer Benjamin
Spend It Then
See How Quick I Can Come Up With Him Again
(They Like) Him Again?
Yes Sir
Im Back (My) Friend
To Take Over The Game
Whats My Name?

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On The Max
And I Be In The Lac
With The Switches In The Back
Walk Around With A Stack For Fun
Shine Bright Like The Sun
Bass Beatin Like A Gun Comin Down Ya Block
Games Over N*gga Guess Who Won...

Mike Check comin soon...

Jun 2, 2009

Skeme The Duke Presents: Skeme Of Things 2

So this is Skemes new shit obviously. Glad I woke up to this.


May 24, 2009

feels like progress

shit is rough for me right now
I hate complanin cuz I kno that there is ppl that are less fortunate than me but im very malcontent. I feel that if I have nothing to complain about then how do I kno that Im moving foward. Its been 5weeks since i lost my job. Ive had 2 interviews so far and neither of them was fuccin with me but I have one on wed. and im hopin that this is my lucky week :-)

I turn 19 on the 6th of next month...

not really looking foward to that because that means there is way more things I have to do
im trynna stop bein lazy and shit but its a hard habit to break

Im feeling extremly hypocritical because I used to notice how people only look to god when things are rocky and then just coast when everything is fine (I used it in a song actually)
but it really feels like prayer works.

But I also have a Internet Radio interview on tuesday it looks excited for that of course.

THeres artist lookin to me for help (rap and R&B)
thats insane to me
like why me?
but I will do whatever I can

Ppl askin for verses of course makes me feel good that someone wants to work with me but im turnin down beats and collabs from some ppl. its gettin outta hand lmao

Mike Check is still in progress but its at a stand still because my computer crashed...Vista is retarded. Its moving along but everything I have is just a fuckin clutter and hopefuly I can straighten everything out soon. Got some stuudios and shit lined up but I still feel like im pressed for time

memory lapse

but anyway

Loofy Just dropped his beat EP

DOWNLOAD: The Weird Shxt EP SS1

May 23, 2009

BBC Graident Rocket Tee

I dont really blog clothes that much anymore but this is tight...


the way the graphic contrast the color of the tee is crazy

May 9, 2009

Wiz Khalifa - Ode To Naked Pop Stars

ths shit is so funny...timing is perfect and all that
if u have twitter follow wiz. He be on uStream leakin songs and sh*t. so watch.

DOWNLOAD:Wiz Khalifa - Ode To Naked Pop Stars


DOWNLOAD: Mike G-TakeAway Freestyle...shoutout to Wiz

May 4, 2009

A B Selection Chopped And Screwed Re-Up...

just incase u missed it

DOWNLOAD: JWMIJO Ft. LaVish-A B Selection

Wiz Khalifa mess wit the TakeAway Freestyle?


ionno why I told cuhh not to release instrumentals tho...
im sorri to every rapper who wanted to hop on Sky High and Boarding Pass...well anything on Flight School

DOWNLOAD: Mike G-TakeAway Freestyle...shoutout to Wiz

CSan ft. Casey V. K-Mak- Cold World

C-San ft Casey veggies & K-Mak Cold World from chris sanford on Vimeo.

dammm this is really insane.
the video helps display the feel of the song. I kno thats what its supposed to do but most videos now are fails. I think this is the start of something epic

May 3, 2009


Hey it's been a while but Lina B's back to bring you a new mixtape from a young artist that goes by the name of DREAD!

the first track that caught my eye was Searching, which there he kinda flips Roy Ayer's classic "Searchin'". His rhyme scheme on that particular track has a kind of Pharcyde "Passin Me By" kinda feel; all influences which are some of my favorites, so needless to say he's dope!

his mixtape just dropped. so check it out! you won't be disappointed!

Favorite Tracks:
It Feels So Right
Work Out

click the pic for download!


May 2, 2009

Mike G- TakeAway Freestyle

say what u will but my infatuation gets me thru the days

I wouldnt have released this ordinarly
LaVish dropped the idea

and I dont sing anymore
the moment called for it

Download: Mike G - TakeAway Freestyle....shout out to Wiz

Apr 30, 2009

Odd Future Presents: The Super D3Shay EP

Pretty epic...
Woke up to this so the day is starting off good.
so uhhh...Can someone sign these dudes?
if not at least give them some recognition

Apr 28, 2009

LaVish-The Sweet Nothings

this is cool...real chill

Hometown Hero is droppin this summer (as far as my knawledge goes)
watch for it

Downoad: LaVish-TheSweetNothings

Apr 27, 2009

cARTer - Outta Space (video)

lmao this is sick...I dont think i've seen cuhh witout a hat and/or glasses
I wouldnt even recognize him

"Outta Space", by cARTer. Directed by from Jerome D. on Vimeo.

Apr 24, 2009

cARTer x DOM KENNEDY x PacDiv - Everyone Knows Us Chopped And Screwed

So I am doing the whole mixtape jus to clear things up but I felt I had to post this...
I like how it came out

all the projects im doing will be done...sometime
if not i'll still give u all the songs that ive done for em
but im busy
u kno how that goes
(or do u?)

Download: Everyone Knows Us Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

BONUS: C-San Ft. Casey Veggies-Can You Work With That Chopped and Screwed By Mike G

Apr 15, 2009

I've Realized

that I have my own life to live. I cant support other artits more than I support myself. My dream was to be an A&R but some people dont take me seriously. If I try to help with exposure then theres no reason you should look at me as a person who has for example never heard of you. I cant apoligize but if you are an artist I can only hope you understand. I will still work with people but dont ask for a post (from me) on my blog. If I like it I'll post it but that also goes along with people sending me tracks. I feel bad saying this because im really nice and I kno there are some dudes who are real assholes, but the truth is I dont care. My time is already at zero which means I cant take time to listen to everybodys stuff. I wont put you down unless the situation calls for it.

Im trynna finish this as quick as I can so I wont think about deleting it. If I told you im going to interview you, its off unless Lina plans on doing it. This isnt about one artist, more like a mixture of all of them with some exceptions. But i've decided I cant treat a couple of people better than others, because thats mainly the thing that aggravates me.
im conflicted
but I meant what I said

for now at least

I have an essay to do thats due 2morrow and I only have the slightest idea what I have to do it on. Plus im tired
college sucks


No joke...

but for real this shit is comedy
looking at these ppl now is weird...look how many cameos is in this shit
and most of them look so old smh. lol

Dont Buy Asher ROth on 4-20 from Kush Robinson on Vimeo.

im gettin it (prolly)...what about u?

"Im nice right now"

oh yeah
thinkin bout doing an I Love College Freestyle coming soon

Thank God Im Famous

So last week I went to this show, Which was my first Hollywood show where I wasn't on stage. I think it was a good xperience for me. Ive never actually observed how shows were done but

Alot of good rappers performed.
This is a lil video I put together of the videos I took...
surprised its this clear
cuz the pics arent

I keep tellin ppl that I dont be on youtube like they do so I dont plan on making to many videos
even though its easy

wondering how peas and carrots got to post this b4 me

Pics ar on InnerCityFame

Apr 14, 2009

Allow Me Introduce


Back in my early days I used to stay in Japan...if u didnt kno...
The first people I met in high school were triplets (2 males one female). Me and my brother kicked it wit these dudes and they were funny as fuck lol
but they freestyle game was sick and they got me into thinkin bout rappin. But its been about 3 years since I seen these niggas and hear them rap but check they music page. I can guarantee they gon blow up before me but its cool. Keep in ur mind that is aint California rap lol
tracks comin soon

Apr 13, 2009


I dont think too many ppl noticed the link in the sidebar. But what was supposed to be a plan between one of the homies and me turned into my photo blog (long, interesting story). So from now on all the pics I take might go on that blog other than this one.
so peep


Apr 11, 2009

R.I.P. Proof

Its been 3years since he died
hes been my favorite rapper for 5

Apr 3, 2009


Im sorri I havent been posting random shit lately
but I got a twitter and its kind of addicting
jus a lil bit
I wont say im fully addicted until I start changin EVERY WORD TO TWITTER TALK
if u have one u kno what im talkin bout
its better because like ppl actually respond
unlike myspace

follow me

and here are some interesting ppl
/Skeme (this is my twigga lol)

theres more but im tired lol

Mar 25, 2009

Mike G-Mark Ronson Remix

obviously I been gone for a minute...
but if youve been to my page in the last 2weeks (I hope u have) you heard my take on brandUn DeShay's Mark Ronson Freestyle. I recently re-did it bcuz I got the real instrumental (im cool like that).

But listen to it and tell me what you think

P.S.-There is a good chance that this will be the last song I, will be letting u hear b4 my mixtape drops. its gonna be sick I promise but its hardly what I expected. I only have like 3 features which isnt a problem but my hypes not quite right (can I get sum blog post' plz?)
but seriously i'd appreciate it

Mar 16, 2009

Friday night lights

this is another old one...

I went to see The Watchmen that shit was ill
almost everything I expected it to be. hopefully the dvd release will be what I imagined. but either way, I wanna go back and see it in imax.
never seen one


I like this pic

sumhow this jus ends up in my pocket everyday

if only you could see thru these lenses

One reason I started takin this seriously

then theres...

I dont really remember when I took these so i'll jus throw em in