Sep 29, 2008

One After Another


My nigga Left Brain is in town for the week so u kno the deal. Had to hit up Fairfax...well I was gonna do that anyway but. As a first I went to Kingsbury. It was average but I just had to get something.

Now Presenting

Bang Hard


Keep it 100

U kno how it go

I hate seeing ppl I kno but that was the homie Channon...fuck it

Gangsta Turned Hypebeast

Sep 27, 2008

The say ur present will be pleasant if the future is odd

This is the offical track lsting according to the one and only Left Brain (

suspense is building and this shit is killin me...damm I wanted to be on this shit but u kno how that goes (u prolly dont kno)



fly a kite

bitches brewing

money talk

our story



a millie



hang ups


Kick It pt3:100

nice shit

"We wanted to bring that same mentality to the footwear, so although you’re looking at an overall standard black and white set of sneakers, you’re also drawn to the popped elements like the eyelets and the undersoles, which are literally glowing. Very simple footwear, but very keen on sophisticated detailing"

its 1:40 AM

This is what im listning to...say what u will she s fine as fuck. She could scream on a track and I would listen to it

Sep 25, 2008

jockin my fresh

This is a design for the clothing line I been working on called Beats (thank Left Brain for the name). I showed this to one of the homies he said he needed it for his line. nahh u gotta get ur own brotha.
COCAINE KEYS-lemmie kno what u think

Sep 11, 2008


Man I remember the first time I met this dude (well only time). I was with Left Brain and my nigga Stoney, trynna sell tickets 4 the show down Melrose and I got distracted by these niggas on Rosewood. It was kinda funny and fucked up...Tyler said he cant be seen wit us niggas cuz he had a rep to uphold (haha). Kicked it with the cool kids 4 the rest of the night. Hit the grove and shit and discovered another side of LA. Of course I was basically nobody to him but I was honored to shake his hand...yeah those are the perfect words.

Creativity Is Rare. Congratulate The Creator. Odd Future Changed My Life.
Every now and then something refreshing comes along bubbling up from the underground, garnering a following on message boards and blogs. Tyler the Creator is one of those artists that deserves to be heard on a larger scale. The young producer infuses trance inducing mellow jazz tracks with flashes of electronic, a dose of Hip Hop and a heap of swagger, the result is a unique meld of music that is a bit ahead of its time. One of his most popular tracks “Odd Toddlers” stays true to its name sake. It is extremely odd, but that’s exactly what makes it dope. I have been bumping this one for a week straight and once you hear it so will you. Be on the look out for this dude, he’s a budding photographer with a magazine dropping and possibly a new show on Adult Swim.

Sep 7, 2008

Sep 6, 2008

Tribute To Willie Mcginest

Fuckin Game is cocky as hell. I still fuck wit him tho no homo. I would tell you ti cop LAX but I dont even have it...well technally I do (Limewire is amazing). Bow Wow got his ass kicked...I didnt spoil the u didnt kno he was gonna lose
come on

U see the Lac on d's Riiight?

I need to put in work like these niggas to get at least half of what they have.

LA Life-C-San Ft. Sleezy and CV once again

Sep 5, 2008

Sep 4, 2008

Sep 3, 2008

I bought this bitch a turtle

I meant to post this last week but...

I Deliver

Technally the hundreds got it 1st they are

Ace, The Creator

Check out Ace ft Hodgy Beats

Its 2 Easy

These are the air yeezys in case u been under a rock 4 the last couple of months

They were spotted on GLC at The Hundreds Block party...when I find that pic i'll get it 2 you

Currently watching at 1:13 AM

this shit is as old as me (real talk)
Yeah, I did it, I might cry two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. Let's take it to the stage...haha

Sep 2, 2008

The Payoff

Well of course I went...
The Hundreds threw its 3rd annual labor day block party. This was my 1st time going but it wont be my last. Im pissed off I didnt get a Payoff Tee but thats what I get for fucking wit black 2 nice

Beer By The Benz


Fuck Hate




Diamond Life

Both of them were Bomb

Adam fell down

Cuz was turnt