Sep 19, 2009

The Superb Label Fall 09

its rare to come across good clothing lines. Even rare...r (?) to come across good clothing lines that arent already established with hundreds of co-signers. But I found this line a lil while ago. Products drop 9/20. This is gonna be huge. I kno it...

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Superb Label website
Superb Label myspace

*Xtra Xtra* Mike Check will be out on October 2nd. stay tuned

Sep 16, 2009

Hi Haters

***UPDATE: I got some request to put the chopped and screwed up for DL...CLICK HERE****

Sorry For The Hiatius...

ummm...ionno. Blogging jus seems to take up time. If you still read this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I gotta keep ppl in the loop so. Im still workin on Mike Check (its coming, dont give up on me). Imma give you these two things I did today.

Hodgy Beats Ft. Mike G - Memorex CD's Remix
From what I can recall, this is the first song that has ever had featuring Mike G. The only thing is that this is jus a 'Mike G-Mix' so to say lmao. I need to step my feature game up lol.

Another 1st is this video I put on youtube...I might start puttin stuff up there on occasion

it just seems like the perfect song...

OH!!! dude. Ionno if anyone ever knew about Westcoast Legend :-X

but my young homie substance found it lmfao

and he REALLY wont let me live it down