Jul 20, 2009

Mike G Presents: Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed

yeahh...that's right

So first I want to apologize to Skeme because his request was to have it finished and released on June 27th and obviously it wasn't. Shit my mind is going thru is stressful. I had alot to say but not anymore. It seems like its unfinished to me but I had to let it go and most of you already know how I feel about my work.
Choice track...Commercial Break Four. defiantly.

I got a whole lot of projects lined up, but I seriously think I need a break. You dont have to keep reminding me...I know what I do.

So Untill Then...Take It Slow, Enjoy.

Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

Download: Skeme Of Things 2 Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

Jul 9, 2009

Mike G - My Dream (Last Night) Prod. Loofy

Brand new joint. I been sitting on this beat for a while. I would start then start over again. But finally I got it to flow. I like it.

Listen to it on Loofy's page

Hall Of Fame Collegiate H Hats

This jus hit my inbox. These are kinda tight


Jul 7, 2009

Jul 5, 2009

ok...f*ck dying...im gonna kill over this

grind time...i'll still take the Radio Killa deal

but fuck cuhh

Jul 3, 2009

Tyler The Creator - SEVEN

So Left Brain was playin this song for us yesterday and this shit was craaazy. Cuz goes off on LA lmao

Download: Tyler, The Creator-Seven

Jul 2, 2009

im gonna DIE over this!!!! :'(


they not even releasing this but RIP Vibe