Oct 29, 2008


Well...I would tell you about the turn out of my show but I dont even know how that shit went. Im definatly not doin this shit again...fuck all this. I cant count on nobody but myself. So im not gonna fuck with nobody but myself from now on (with the exception of collabs...if u want it holla at me). I really dont believe this. All this stress and preperation was wasted on nothing. And now I gotta deal with my dad telling me shit I already know asking me a bunch of questions and shit. And now I dont even know how much im gonna have to spend to get out of this shit. This whole week has been fucked up and I knew something was going to go wrong tonight but I had no odea it would be this. And I coulda been at work tonight instead of tomorrow but my fuckin boss scheduled me so now I cant go to the &Still function like I was planning to. Im still waiting to see how my Halloween is going to end up getting fucked royaly...if I cant find shit to do im goin up to BH and robbin white kids for candy...plz believe dat.

fuck my 'friends'
fuck SHP
fuck music
fuck trynna impress ppl
fuck u

Oct 25, 2008

Offically a Black Man

last night was all bad. I had to watch my niggas get arrested for some foofer shit on La Brea and 1st. Turn around next thing I kno Im in handcuffs. At least I got some laughs out of it. But all goes to say

Fuck The Cops

Oct 20, 2008

Have A Heart

Damm this shit almost made me cry...not on some soft shit but all these bitches and dudes that roll around in blazers say they live for music and shit but if you loved real hip hop music as much as I do then you understand what I mean. I highly doubt you do.

^click this; then click Music; then listen till your ears bleed

Once again...Casey V.

Oct 15, 2008

Wake Up

Luda...1st single from the new shit

Does this make u think of another song?
*cough*cough*Orris Root Powder*

Oct 10, 2008

Girls All Pause

A sudden wave of depression just hit me for some reason. I really dont kno why...fuck

My friday wasnt as good as it shoulda been. I hit The Hundreds to peep the new Rosewood Collection. To contrast my exciment, it wasnt very impressive. Most would say imma fuck wit it anyway cuz its the hundreds but thats not the case for me. I could only get one of the only ones that I liked. All the motherfuckin black RSWD fitteds was sold out...my size anyway. Dom Kennedy was there trynna get ppl to register to vote. Good Man

Dom K. at Hall Of Fame watching the game

Kurupt was a must

This could not be the more perfect fitted...actually it could but

Fuck it, it matches my favorite pair so...

Mr. West

It sounds pretty rough...Its live what do you expect


Oct 6, 2008

Oct 2, 2008

Round 2

Ok so I got another show at the Knitting Factory again
(I try to tell these niggas im major)
So imma do it right this time. Oct. 29th tickets are $10. aim me 4 them

Aim= thekingmikeg