Oct 29, 2008


Well...I would tell you about the turn out of my show but I dont even know how that shit went. Im definatly not doin this shit again...fuck all this. I cant count on nobody but myself. So im not gonna fuck with nobody but myself from now on (with the exception of collabs...if u want it holla at me). I really dont believe this. All this stress and preperation was wasted on nothing. And now I gotta deal with my dad telling me shit I already know asking me a bunch of questions and shit. And now I dont even know how much im gonna have to spend to get out of this shit. This whole week has been fucked up and I knew something was going to go wrong tonight but I had no odea it would be this. And I coulda been at work tonight instead of tomorrow but my fuckin boss scheduled me so now I cant go to the &Still function like I was planning to. Im still waiting to see how my Halloween is going to end up getting fucked royaly...if I cant find shit to do im goin up to BH and robbin white kids for candy...plz believe dat.

fuck my 'friends'
fuck SHP
fuck music
fuck trynna impress ppl
fuck u

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