Jan 10, 2009

Mike G Presents: The Odd Future Tape Chopped And Screwed

Ok before I start my intro to the tape I jus gotta put this disclamer in:
I am not a DJ of any sorts. You can call me an editor/engineer or something of that nature but I am not trying to claim that I will ever be a DJ. The reason I bring this up is because ppl listen to other chopped and screwed music and compare mine to theirs. If what I do could be classified as anything else I would call it that but I only 'chop and screw' music to show you another side of the songs im presenting...but uhhh

Im pretty sure you've noticed Odd Future in damm near every other post. OK after I finished my prior project, I was going through my library and decided to fuck with some Odd Future tracks. So of course I had to ask Ace, The Creator to do the whole tape. I have been working, hardly any sleep, ever since the same day I presented you B's mixtape. It didnt take as long but of course the same care was put into it. Like I said i'd be up doing tracks at 4 A.M.. So you'll have to excuse me if the songs are a little rough. Like...'Fucking Lame' is one of my favorite songs (period) so I dont think its good enought. But if you think the tape laggs please believe it does get crazy. I have my next project in mind so im going to find out if dude will go for it. Untill then, Take It Slow, enjoy.

The Odd Future Tape Chopped And Screwed

Heres the download link: The Fucking Tape Chopped And Sccrewed

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