Jan 18, 2009


ok its 2:40 am
im on myspace like always and I get a friend request from a 'clothing line'...I see this shit and its a fucking shame. Just because you have the resources to get tees printed and shit doesnt give you the right. Im still debating wether I should post a link or not because getting them more views isnt gonna get my point across. What im trynna say is shit like this makes it hard for good clothing lines like Casen Kreations and Freedminds to get noticed more. Im not sayin im not happy niggas is grindin out here but...fall back let the real niggas do they thing.

mann fuck it...
have a laugh
'Bake Wear Clothing' ?
that tee look like it was made on MS Paint.

its a bad morning...no more of this shit either.
If your wondering why your not rich its because you niggas suck

well damm might as well throw them out the window too.

Say what you will. Either way you will get no remorse from Mike G.

New songs on the way...
Presenting a new C&S mixtape soon...
Mike G mixtape comin
C******* L*** in the works...

try and keep up

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