Jan 12, 2009

rough night at del amo.

boy oh boy.=/

i was just walking to the movies when all of a sudden a stampede runs up behind me. so... i had to start running with the crowd. smh i didnt wanna get trampled on! =( by what i was told, two black women started fighting.and the rest is basically...well you know. i really can't even believe this happened at del amo of all places. i haven't been there in a long time so who knows what kinda stuff i might have missed there. it was on the NBC news, but you can read the story here. this is a really bad look for obama. lol. honestly tho. if this is how black folk are gonna act then idk america. you tell me. but don't tell my parents tho =X. i went to see yes man and then i ate at denny's. that's my alibi and i'm sticking with it!


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