Jan 1, 2009

the doo doo mama anthem.

man man man. what kind of light can i shed on this one from a girl's point of view?? pretty girl. wack beat. awful bars...they barely reach service but i mean at least they rhyme. she's a pretty lady but how tough can you be if you're a video girl? come on now. =/ keep it real. all that "hood" bravado kinda uglied her in this video. hood rich? is that like the equivalent of the poor man's donald trump? not even donald trump...like...jay-z perhaps???

perhaps. . .she could maybe...POSSIBLY..be better than khia. but then again im not too sure about that either because "K-Wang Wit It" is still a BIG hit for LA parties. im disappointed. she should stick to being on party flyers and music videos. fuck it. thumbs down. enuff said.

P.S.: she most definitely talked about dropping some kind of album in a youtube video i was watchin. this information makes me a bit leery. =/


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