Apr 30, 2009

Odd Future Presents: The Super D3Shay EP

Pretty epic...
Woke up to this so the day is starting off good.
so uhhh...Can someone sign these dudes?
if not at least give them some recognition

Apr 28, 2009

LaVish-The Sweet Nothings

this is cool...real chill

Hometown Hero is droppin this summer (as far as my knawledge goes)
watch for it

Downoad: LaVish-TheSweetNothings

Apr 27, 2009

cARTer - Outta Space (video)

lmao this is sick...I dont think i've seen cuhh witout a hat and/or glasses
I wouldnt even recognize him

"Outta Space", by cARTer. Directed by JeromeD.com from Jerome D. on Vimeo.

Apr 24, 2009

cARTer x DOM KENNEDY x PacDiv - Everyone Knows Us Chopped And Screwed

So I am doing the whole mixtape jus to clear things up but I felt I had to post this...
I like how it came out

all the projects im doing will be done...sometime
if not i'll still give u all the songs that ive done for em
but im busy
u kno how that goes
(or do u?)

Download: Everyone Knows Us Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

BONUS: C-San Ft. Casey Veggies-Can You Work With That Chopped and Screwed By Mike G

Apr 15, 2009

I've Realized

that I have my own life to live. I cant support other artits more than I support myself. My dream was to be an A&R but some people dont take me seriously. If I try to help with exposure then theres no reason you should look at me as a person who has for example never heard of you. I cant apoligize but if you are an artist I can only hope you understand. I will still work with people but dont ask for a post (from me) on my blog. If I like it I'll post it but that also goes along with people sending me tracks. I feel bad saying this because im really nice and I kno there are some dudes who are real assholes, but the truth is I dont care. My time is already at zero which means I cant take time to listen to everybodys stuff. I wont put you down unless the situation calls for it.

Im trynna finish this as quick as I can so I wont think about deleting it. If I told you im going to interview you, its off unless Lina plans on doing it. This isnt about one artist, more like a mixture of all of them with some exceptions. But i've decided I cant treat a couple of people better than others, because thats mainly the thing that aggravates me.
im conflicted
but I meant what I said

for now at least

I have an essay to do thats due 2morrow and I only have the slightest idea what I have to do it on. Plus im tired
college sucks


No joke...

but for real this shit is comedy
looking at these ppl now is weird...look how many cameos is in this shit
and most of them look so old smh. lol

Dont Buy Asher ROth on 4-20 from Kush Robinson on Vimeo.

im gettin it (prolly)...what about u?

"Im nice right now"

oh yeah
thinkin bout doing an I Love College Freestyle coming soon

Thank God Im Famous

So last week I went to this show, Which was my first Hollywood show where I wasn't on stage. I think it was a good xperience for me. Ive never actually observed how shows were done but

Alot of good rappers performed.
This is a lil video I put together of the videos I took...
surprised its this clear
cuz the pics arent

I keep tellin ppl that I dont be on youtube like they do so I dont plan on making to many videos
even though its easy

wondering how peas and carrots got to post this b4 me

Pics ar on InnerCityFame

Apr 14, 2009

Allow Me Introduce


Back in my early days I used to stay in Japan...if u didnt kno...
The first people I met in high school were triplets (2 males one female). Me and my brother kicked it wit these dudes and they were funny as fuck lol
but they freestyle game was sick and they got me into thinkin bout rappin. But its been about 3 years since I seen these niggas and hear them rap but check they music page. I can guarantee they gon blow up before me but its cool. Keep in ur mind that is aint California rap lol
tracks comin soon

Apr 13, 2009


I dont think too many ppl noticed the link in the sidebar. But what was supposed to be a plan between one of the homies and me turned into my photo blog (long, interesting story). So from now on all the pics I take might go on that blog other than this one.
so peep


Apr 11, 2009

R.I.P. Proof

Its been 3years since he died
hes been my favorite rapper for 5

Apr 3, 2009


Im sorri I havent been posting random shit lately
but I got a twitter and its kind of addicting
jus a lil bit
I wont say im fully addicted until I start changin EVERY WORD TO TWITTER TALK
if u have one u kno what im talkin bout
its better because like ppl actually respond
unlike myspace

follow me

and here are some interesting ppl
/Skeme (this is my twigga lol)

theres more but im tired lol