Apr 15, 2009

I've Realized

that I have my own life to live. I cant support other artits more than I support myself. My dream was to be an A&R but some people dont take me seriously. If I try to help with exposure then theres no reason you should look at me as a person who has for example never heard of you. I cant apoligize but if you are an artist I can only hope you understand. I will still work with people but dont ask for a post (from me) on my blog. If I like it I'll post it but that also goes along with people sending me tracks. I feel bad saying this because im really nice and I kno there are some dudes who are real assholes, but the truth is I dont care. My time is already at zero which means I cant take time to listen to everybodys stuff. I wont put you down unless the situation calls for it.

Im trynna finish this as quick as I can so I wont think about deleting it. If I told you im going to interview you, its off unless Lina plans on doing it. This isnt about one artist, more like a mixture of all of them with some exceptions. But i've decided I cant treat a couple of people better than others, because thats mainly the thing that aggravates me.
im conflicted
but I meant what I said

for now at least

I have an essay to do thats due 2morrow and I only have the slightest idea what I have to do it on. Plus im tired
college sucks


Gwop said...

2 b honest with you man your music isn't really that great. and your not that special 2 get on some fuck the rest of yall type shit. I understand why your posting something like this because you do post a lot of stuff about other artist, but you definetly haven't established yourself that much. No hate. Just keeping it real.

The King Mike G said...

but I never said fuck anyone. you only have the smallest idea of who I talk to and how many tracks are in my inbox and sitting in a folder on my desktop. I dont think I compared my music to anyones in this post. but to let you kno ur the only person that hasnt told me my music is good just becaus I played it for them. so thanks
but u missed the point
my status isnt to the level of others because im always focusing on them.
but thanks for reading my blog and listining to my music
and i'll still say im the best...

middle finger to the rest

-Mike fuckin G