Dec 31, 2008

And A Happy New Year

Its really hard to believe that 09 is here already. Everything is flying by so fast I can hardly keep up. I still remember graduation and shit mann.
I dont have a choice but to become the nigga you wanna be (if you dont already) this year. Imma be 19 in 6 months then I have no excuse for half the shit I do but I plan to hop on my grown man shit.

Theres nothing more these words can say.
happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

One of my songs for the year.

I Feel Good - Jay Electronica

btw im not up blogging at midnight

Turn the volume down before you watch this

Now this is way funnier than the fat chick

Dec 29, 2008

Melrose On Mondays Pt.4

ok so I today planned out (sorta) which is really awkard. So after Left Brains house (scroll down), I hit the beverly center to get thos levi shoes. But of course they didnt have my size but I had to cop sumthing (catch me in em). Afterwards I hit BP to get the Benny Gold 'Doughboy' hat but they were sold outta my size so I went to Hall Of Fame to cop it. I havent been to The Hundreds in a while...So it was that then to Damianos to finish the night like always

Happy Birthday Left Brain.

Today was the homie Left Brains 19th birthday. Its amazing that he was so mellow about it. I went to his house to drop off his 'gifts'. Turns out he had a new project for me. I still need a place to record...
By the way this is the 100th post on the blog between Lina and I.

The Suns snapback was one gift. The other 4 I cant disclose on a public website.

Dec 27, 2008

Back For Another One

I been gone for a week mann. Some shit has happened in that time period. I moved to Ladera so im in a new house. I feel it changed me for some odd reason but these other niggas are still the same. Its shameful.On another note my nigga Left Brain is home for the break so of course we had to go spend sum cheeze.

my lil niggas K.Sweet, Stoney, and CJ came along for the ride. They young but I could bet they fresher, cooler, and got more hoes that you. I refuse to hang wit hypebeasts
(that equals niggas like you)

once again im wit the cheap camera till I getta charger

Stoney looked like a loc

Keith...nigga didnt even care to get dressed


Daniel cuhh

Left Brain

that was the weirdest metro I been on EVER....I will not say why

real pimps


The Conart goes hard


my 1st time at this store. I will never disclose its location to anyone


this what u gotta do

to live like a g

on sum shit. We do cop boutique bags like its nothin.

Food & Fits.

Aint no wendys in the hood.
Thank you

Dec 20, 2008


The video in previous postings for Casey's commercial isnt working so I found it on good ol reliable youtube.

You hear that "Purple Cows" in the background???? That's a Super 3 production .=] I hope Casey does somethin to that and "Sync or Swim".I'm pretty much excited for him. He's come quite a long way. I remember being in Mr. Singleton's class with Mr. Customized Greatly and we were listenin to his first mixtape "Customized Creatly Vol.1" while Singleton was goin on and on about god knows what. Anyways big ups to Whoopi and Antoine for the production of this dope commercial. I mean who else has a commercial for their own mixtape?? Anyway I'm not sure when exactly Customized Greatly Vol. 2 comes out but I'll keep you posted if I catch Mike G Happy Holidays and Later Days!


Dec 19, 2008

Dear John Witherspoon:

lmfao xD


I lost count of all the posts I make with Casey V. on em
"So Customized Greatly And Thats My Motto"

volume 2
hard copies?
if so I cant fuckin wait to bump this in...FUCK I need a car

Dec 18, 2008


if I would wear these...I only got 1 rogue status tee, which happens to be a gunshow but maybe if I fuckin loved RS I might had fucked wit em. I wonder if CV got em already lol

lowkey they look custom

Dec 17, 2008

some ideas are just better than others.

gee...don't you just miss childhood watchin cartoons like the animaniacs?! u gotta love mr.skullhead. he can whistle with no lips! =]

Dec 16, 2008

Melrose On Mondays pt.3

I kno this is kinda late but oh well...
I went to The Hundreds can food drive/warehouse sale and I was so happy I did. I dont have any pics because of the whole camera thing I described in an earlier post but you'll deal with it. I was an hour late for work but its aiight cuz it was well worth the hour trip (fuckin metro) the two hour wait time and the dissary of TH, Tens, And Playin For Keeps gear. Why there was PFK shit there I have no idea but I did cop me sum. The sea of asain kids and fat white dudes really told me sumthin about my favorite clothing line...wont expose. I had my mind set on not spending more than my limit...wont expose that either, but I wish I had got more stuff. Im just glad I fuck with TH because my dude Mike was at the check out and he gave me HALF OFF the sale price...or maybe it was my total price (I was too happy to do the numbers)
thats g
I got sum shit you aint.
Even if you do have it, im still fresher than you

Size 10

haha...I didnt kno bush could move like that

I Want Both...

but im not gonna get em...fuck I bet they'll be sold out by the time I get there so im not even gonna try. But I am gonna get a RSWD hat before I die.

Dec 13, 2008

Living LaVish

LaVish-How You Do That There.


shit bangs

check this interview Raymeo did. V is in the back. There is more videos. just hit

"Snackin On Oreos Watchin Family Guy"


Dec 12, 2008

get off the stage !

I know good music...but im also i'm a party animal. my blog partner not so much. I was at a function last night it was indeed poppin, and I heard a whole bunch of songs that slapped tough. Coincidentally, all of them were by Too $hort. So I arrived home around 4 am and couldnt help but google the lyrics I heard. Let me tell you somethin, as far as Too $hort, his lyrical ability is nothing to brag about (although his lyrics always make me laugh )but he IS good at party music. If you're a dj in los angeles, the valley, or anywhere in cali, you should definitely get Get Off The Stage by Too $hort. It came out in 2007. I wonder why I didn't hear these songs sooner! And then I wonder why I'm still dancin to his old ass, I mean his hair is GRAY now! lol! Anyways 75% of this cd will NOT keep you still. If you're the party type like me, you'll definitely appreciate the beats.

Favorite Tracks:
-f.u.c.k. y.o.u.
-broke bitch
-shittin on em


Bitch Im Mike G

I've been M.I.A. for a couple days. I came back and visited my regular sites...and I came across this...

I dont really kno how to feel...lmao
cant be madd but like I said before
dont forget my name.

aiight I can say im happy somebody heard the song since I ask ppl about it and they say they didnt even hear the first one I did solo like back in MAY. And that was the song I was pushin the hardest. niggas confuse me. Im not completely sure why but I just feel like everybody should know who I am. Even if they haven't met me (i.e....).

either way,

Anything You Heard Before This Was A Sample.
(and I push keys like im playin a piano)

I can guarantee all the music you hear next year will be hardly anything you're used to from me.

Dec 10, 2008


Fat Boy Dancer

I don't understand... =[ people are really taking put a ring on it TOO far. i don't even know why i posted this . i'm a bit disappointed in myself.

Dec 9, 2008

Hand & Hand

From Head...

To Toe...

When Lines Are Crossed

ok...this is the funniest shit i've seen in a long time. I couldnt even watch the whold thing thru. I had to pause it and catch my breath.

Kid Cudi just...mann
Va$htie just...damm

Dec 8, 2008

Melrose on Mondays pt.2

Ever since I seen the trailer for The Watchmen at the beginning of the Dark Night I been wanting to see the movie extremely badly. I been making designs with Watchmen in mind for my clothing line and shit.

When I did some reasearch back in July I actually found out it was a graphic navel and I been looking for the book ever since. A couple weeks ago I saw it at Urban Outfitters but I didnt have enough cash to get it...I bought this Nike Jacket instead. Well I went back today and got it. It did not disappoint at all.

Niggas do read

I would have typed more but im busy...ur lucky you got this

Melrose On Mondays pt.1

well since I am a grown ass man, and I can do what the fuck I want, I like to go spend money (I aint got) every week on clothes mostly. I've been doing that for about 3 months now. Lets start today.

For the first time I took that mission to Venice and went to Rogue Status to see what these niggas is talkin about. Also I been feinding for this 'Radd AWOL' tee. Unfortunately they were sold out of my size, or anything I would wear so basically my trip was half a waste. Aside from the long ass bus ride and not being able to get my shit the whole thing was cool. If I walked into the store without knowing what it was I would fuck wit it. But since that wasnt the case, I was sort of dissapointed, its hard to explain. What will keep me coming to the store is the staff (Carrots wasnt there tho...lmao). Dude at the counter was cool and most likely could tell it was my first time there so he made sure I wanted to come back. I will when I get a spare lifetime to take that trip. Oh and sorri I havnt been on the photos lately. I have 3 cameras but of course I cant use none of them because for 1 I need a battery and a charger, for another I need a 'G' battery charger and those are like 60 at the sony store (thats more than I paid for the camera) so I need to find a cheaper one, and my lil cheap joint (the one that take AAA batteries...haha) is in storage. So I hope u dont mind if I fuck wit the webcam. But after all that I still had to go typical and get the fuckin gunshow...I wanted other ones but im too flashy for those...either way

Make Ya Girlfriend Frown


Dec 7, 2008

mixtape hunting.

So...i was looking for a song (details on that aren't important) and i happened to fall upon this mixtape called Delicious Vinyl Rmxxology . If you're not familiar with Delicious Vinyl, its an indie record label that's responsible for Wild Thing by Tone Loc and Runnin by The Pharcyde(one of my favorites).

Favorite Tracks:
The Pharcyde- Passin Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)
Masta Ace - The INC Ride' (Phat Kat Remix)
The Pharcyde - 'Runnin' (Cabin Bwoy Reedit)

This article is posted on, but i thought i'd just post the direct link here. make sure u check this shit out. it's N I C E.


Dec 6, 2008

hold the fuck on

I been getting hit ups about the song I'm doing with brandUn DeShay. Its coming I PROMISE...
like I would pass an opportunity like this?

on another mann LaVish hit me for a track but I dont have any beats (hint hint)
im really trynna do this shit also.

im comin up...just dont forget my name

Bitch Im Mike G

Dec 5, 2008

TakeTHAT Nike!

Best Adidas commercial by far . =) And tell me if that was Chad Hugo at 00:48!

New Kanye

this is NOT on 808's

Dec 3, 2008

Bitches love the snacks!

Apparently this brotha knows his stuff!

Feel free to take notes!

Dec 1, 2008

X In The Hole

Im pretty sure u knew it was coming
u know the routine

T.G.I.F. (Feat. Chip The Ripper) - KiD CuDi

Kid Cudi:

Theres not much to say unless you dont know who he is. The man is from Clevlend but he reps Brooklyn (I guess he can do that). His style is very original in my opinion.

wait...forgot something

The Discovery

So im crusin down the street in my six fo'...ok...Rollin down the 110 in the Charger sumtime in March or something '08. Power 106 played his song Day N' Night and that shit was just...u get it. I didnt hear anything on him for about a month. The song came to my mind and I searched it out when I was in Atlanta. I didnt really pay attention to the artist as much as the song untill around August. I went to the Kids myspace and listened to the rest of his songs. Still underground hes very major (I kno how that $ Signed to G.O.O.D. Music, his perception on the game is crazy. The mixtape 'A Kid Named Cudi' was sponsered by 10 Deep . A tee was released along with the mixtape...>'Up There'< . He was also featured on the XXL cover as a "09 Freshman". I listened to his WHOLE mixtape over and over. It took me a while to publish this because there is so much to say but I don't know how to.

all I can say is Embrace The Martian

U Down Wit ODD?

O MY GOODNESS. If you haven't downloaded this shit by now (what are u doin wit yo life?)
from the Fuckin intro to the Fuckin last second this shit is amazing. 19 tracks of DAMN.

Tyler The Creator is fuckin unbelievable. He put this whole thing together his self and this thing is simply inspiration. I dont know how he does it but the thing that matters is that he does. Between the beats and rhymes he might be the best doin it.

Casey Veggies does his thing hard. You cant compare his lyrics to anybodys

nuff said

Hodgy Beats works hard at this game and you can tell. 'Best Rapper In Pasadena'. I'll give u that

The Super Three can produce sum shit. What more can I say

Left Brain is my nigga. Im glad I had the chance to get acquainted with this dude. His beats are tight as fuck and they kept me rappin (thats the first time I told anyone that). Real shit.

OF changed my life