Dec 20, 2008


The video in previous postings for Casey's commercial isnt working so I found it on good ol reliable youtube.

You hear that "Purple Cows" in the background???? That's a Super 3 production .=] I hope Casey does somethin to that and "Sync or Swim".I'm pretty much excited for him. He's come quite a long way. I remember being in Mr. Singleton's class with Mr. Customized Greatly and we were listenin to his first mixtape "Customized Creatly Vol.1" while Singleton was goin on and on about god knows what. Anyways big ups to Whoopi and Antoine for the production of this dope commercial. I mean who else has a commercial for their own mixtape?? Anyway I'm not sure when exactly Customized Greatly Vol. 2 comes out but I'll keep you posted if I catch Mike G Happy Holidays and Later Days!


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The King Mike G said...

catch me slippin...
on CV?

I doubt it