Dec 7, 2008

mixtape hunting.

So...i was looking for a song (details on that aren't important) and i happened to fall upon this mixtape called Delicious Vinyl Rmxxology . If you're not familiar with Delicious Vinyl, its an indie record label that's responsible for Wild Thing by Tone Loc and Runnin by The Pharcyde(one of my favorites).

Favorite Tracks:
The Pharcyde- Passin Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)
Masta Ace - The INC Ride' (Phat Kat Remix)
The Pharcyde - 'Runnin' (Cabin Bwoy Reedit)

This article is posted on, but i thought i'd just post the direct link here. make sure u check this shit out. it's N I C E.


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