Dec 12, 2008

get off the stage !

I know good music...but im also i'm a party animal. my blog partner not so much. I was at a function last night it was indeed poppin, and I heard a whole bunch of songs that slapped tough. Coincidentally, all of them were by Too $hort. So I arrived home around 4 am and couldnt help but google the lyrics I heard. Let me tell you somethin, as far as Too $hort, his lyrical ability is nothing to brag about (although his lyrics always make me laugh )but he IS good at party music. If you're a dj in los angeles, the valley, or anywhere in cali, you should definitely get Get Off The Stage by Too $hort. It came out in 2007. I wonder why I didn't hear these songs sooner! And then I wonder why I'm still dancin to his old ass, I mean his hair is GRAY now! lol! Anyways 75% of this cd will NOT keep you still. If you're the party type like me, you'll definitely appreciate the beats.

Favorite Tracks:
-f.u.c.k. y.o.u.
-broke bitch
-shittin on em