Dec 8, 2008

Melrose On Mondays pt.1

well since I am a grown ass man, and I can do what the fuck I want, I like to go spend money (I aint got) every week on clothes mostly. I've been doing that for about 3 months now. Lets start today.

For the first time I took that mission to Venice and went to Rogue Status to see what these niggas is talkin about. Also I been feinding for this 'Radd AWOL' tee. Unfortunately they were sold out of my size, or anything I would wear so basically my trip was half a waste. Aside from the long ass bus ride and not being able to get my shit the whole thing was cool. If I walked into the store without knowing what it was I would fuck wit it. But since that wasnt the case, I was sort of dissapointed, its hard to explain. What will keep me coming to the store is the staff (Carrots wasnt there tho...lmao). Dude at the counter was cool and most likely could tell it was my first time there so he made sure I wanted to come back. I will when I get a spare lifetime to take that trip. Oh and sorri I havnt been on the photos lately. I have 3 cameras but of course I cant use none of them because for 1 I need a battery and a charger, for another I need a 'G' battery charger and those are like 60 at the sony store (thats more than I paid for the camera) so I need to find a cheaper one, and my lil cheap joint (the one that take AAA batteries...haha) is in storage. So I hope u dont mind if I fuck wit the webcam. But after all that I still had to go typical and get the fuckin gunshow...I wanted other ones but im too flashy for those...either way

Make Ya Girlfriend Frown


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