Dec 16, 2008

Melrose On Mondays pt.3

I kno this is kinda late but oh well...
I went to The Hundreds can food drive/warehouse sale and I was so happy I did. I dont have any pics because of the whole camera thing I described in an earlier post but you'll deal with it. I was an hour late for work but its aiight cuz it was well worth the hour trip (fuckin metro) the two hour wait time and the dissary of TH, Tens, And Playin For Keeps gear. Why there was PFK shit there I have no idea but I did cop me sum. The sea of asain kids and fat white dudes really told me sumthin about my favorite clothing line...wont expose. I had my mind set on not spending more than my limit...wont expose that either, but I wish I had got more stuff. Im just glad I fuck with TH because my dude Mike was at the check out and he gave me HALF OFF the sale price...or maybe it was my total price (I was too happy to do the numbers)
thats g
I got sum shit you aint.
Even if you do have it, im still fresher than you

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