Jun 25, 2009

Mike Jack

Mann this is unbelievable. I'm not jus posting this to inform you that he passed away cuz im sure you kno that. But if you knew how much influence this man had on my life, you would relate. Years ago his music was alot of what me and my close friend would talk about. It was one area where we shared common ground. I just turned 19 and this jus lets me know that time is slipping away.
(This is gonna seem complicated but)
Its sad that alot of people are focusing on the things that hes done...and not the things that hes done
ok like
I actually seen people say fuck Michael and they're glad he dead, because of how the media portrayed him. They obviously dont realized that most of their favorite singers are here now because of him.
I feel he was one of the artist I could relate to.

im sorry my mind is racing
I have a million things to say and I dont want them to run together

like...to put it short hes my favorite singer.
and im having a brain lapse
so ionno

mann fuck...

I think this is the right song...I have no audio so I wouldnt kno and its easy to get the songs mixed up
either way...I wanted 2 Bad (w/ Shaq)

2 Bad - Michael Jackson

Jun 23, 2009

Lina B - iRepp

yo the audio on my comp has been down for a while so I never had a chance to hear this. but if u havent heard this I strongly encourage you to listen.
smash single type shit lmao

DOWNLOAD: Lina B - iRepp

Jun 21, 2009

Mike G-Diamonds

So I went over this Christina Milian...Teairra Mari Christina Milian track jus cause I can do stuff like that. I was going to scrap it due to negative response but f*cc that...I worked hard on production.

DOWNLOAD:Mike G - Diamonds

and if you havnt heard the original (I doubt you have)

DOWNLOAD: Christina Milian Ft. Kanye West-Diamonds

Jun 17, 2009

Post Up

damm....this is tight
Best colorway I've seen in this series

Jun 15, 2009

Jun 12, 2009


I remember bumpin this over and over...

Im trynna work hard but procrastination is a bitch. Nothin seems to be goin my way at the moment. I jus hope it gets better soon. I found out The-Dream is marryin Christina :'( that kinda kills a dream. but


Jun 6, 2009


Im Plus One
Still Trynna Make A Million Plus One
Add A Killin To That
Then I'll Tell Rap That Im Done

thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday so far.
I still aint got shit to do but im feelin kinda good...
never fully
but u kno...
close enough


Jun 3, 2009

Success Freestyle Lyrics

well...i'm supposed to be studying for a test
this is just another form of procrastination but this is one of my favorite tracks that i've done so far. Its complex...like the magazine (sorry lol). But its a freestyle for real. One take all dat...I did it a year ago on July 7th I think
sounds like a good release date (do NOT hold me to that...seriously)

listen to it here

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On the Max
And I Be In The Back
Model With Me Bet That
Driver In The Front
Grey, Black
Say That
I'm A Good Rapper That's An Understatement
When Its All Said And Done, I'm Damn Amazing
So I Feel Like My Works Unappreciated
Cherish My Songs,
Just Because I Made It
Cant Wait Just To Say I Made It
And The People Feel The Words When The Rhymes Are Stated
Tired Of Dealing With Repetitive Cats
Weak Ubiquitous Styles And Repetitive Raps

So What Do I Think Of Success?
Eminem Said It Best
Jay Z Said It Next
Mike G Said The Rest
Said The Best
Words You Ever Heard
Next To The Dictionary
He's Very
Valuable To The Game
Feel Like Me And Kobe Are The Same
I Been Good From The Start
Like A Knife Through The Heart
On The Road Like A Car With No Park
You Goin No Where Like a Bentley With No Start...

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On The Max
And I Be In The Black
I Can Go
Faster Than The Others
Ballin On Em Like The Ruckers
But The Cali King
Brings Pain Or Rain
Snow, Hail, Sleet Cant Beat Me Im The Weather Man
Man We Aint The Same...

Broad Daylight I'll Off Ya On Switch
Knock Out Ya Lights Goodnight
Strong Fist
Or Iced Wrist
Fight This
Im So Sick
Write Blue Harvest
Haters Get Wrapped In Plastic
Try The King
You N*ggas Can Get Touched Like iPhone Screens

So What Do I Think Of Success
I Think That Progress Without Process Is Pointless
But Profit Can Come In Anyway
Any Day From Any Place
A Dollar In Any Face
But I Prefer Benjamin
Spend It Then
See How Quick I Can Come Up With Him Again
(They Like) Him Again?
Yes Sir
Im Back (My) Friend
To Take Over The Game
Whats My Name?

See What I Do Is Breathe Over Tracks
Where The G's Like To Relax With Steez On The Max
And I Be In The Lac
With The Switches In The Back
Walk Around With A Stack For Fun
Shine Bright Like The Sun
Bass Beatin Like A Gun Comin Down Ya Block
Games Over N*gga Guess Who Won...

Mike Check comin soon...

Jun 2, 2009

Skeme The Duke Presents: Skeme Of Things 2

So this is Skemes new shit obviously. Glad I woke up to this.