Jun 25, 2009

Mike Jack

Mann this is unbelievable. I'm not jus posting this to inform you that he passed away cuz im sure you kno that. But if you knew how much influence this man had on my life, you would relate. Years ago his music was alot of what me and my close friend would talk about. It was one area where we shared common ground. I just turned 19 and this jus lets me know that time is slipping away.
(This is gonna seem complicated but)
Its sad that alot of people are focusing on the things that hes done...and not the things that hes done
ok like
I actually seen people say fuck Michael and they're glad he dead, because of how the media portrayed him. They obviously dont realized that most of their favorite singers are here now because of him.
I feel he was one of the artist I could relate to.

im sorry my mind is racing
I have a million things to say and I dont want them to run together

like...to put it short hes my favorite singer.
and im having a brain lapse
so ionno

mann fuck...

I think this is the right song...I have no audio so I wouldnt kno and its easy to get the songs mixed up
either way...I wanted 2 Bad (w/ Shaq)

2 Bad - Michael Jackson

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