Feb 3, 2009

Mike G Presents: Customized Greatly Vol. 1 Chopped and Screwed

It feels weird presenting this cuz I feel like im missin something but.

I know it took long and to say im sorry for that would be a lie. It took so long cuz this is nothin like i've done before. Either way this nigga is sick and his tape is classic. I hope you like the chopped and screwed one as much as I do. The work I put into this is astounding. Plus the thought of me being amazing keeps returning to my head.lol. Vol.2 should be coming real soon, and when that drops, I shouldnt even have to say.

im hard at work on the next project.
So Until Then, Take It Slow, Enjoy.

Customized Greatly Chopped And Screwed

Download: Customized Greatly Volume One Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

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