Feb 4, 2009

Frank White

I watched Notorious earlier today. I think that shit is amazing. Best movie thats been made in years (from what I've seen). I'm glad I downloaded it cuz that shit is just inspiration. I cant explain how it made me feel but it changed me. I'm hoping the feeling stays this time and doesnt wear off like it other movies I watched (Click, Yes Man, and sum other ones I cant think of). But if you have not seen it. I suggest you find a way. Cant tell you to go to a theater cuz thats not what I did but uhhh...If your like me you might want to watch this one by yourself lol. The person next to you (behind, in front, etc.) wont be as excited that your happy and can rap the songs along wit the movie. Its not like the other movies that tell you material shit dont matter and all that. And I never really listened to B.I.G or Pac as much as everybody else, I never had any idea why the E vs. W shit started, never was into convos about 'real hip hop' but anyway. I will be honest, I cried at the funeral part (i'll be a real nigga) wiped my eyes when moms was rollin in the limo down the streets, the movie ended then I put on Juicy, and started tearin up again. But enough of that.
I might watch this shit every day. ok...not everyday but.


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