Mar 25, 2009

Mike G-Mark Ronson Remix

obviously I been gone for a minute...
but if youve been to my page in the last 2weeks (I hope u have) you heard my take on brandUn DeShay's Mark Ronson Freestyle. I recently re-did it bcuz I got the real instrumental (im cool like that).

But listen to it and tell me what you think

P.S.-There is a good chance that this will be the last song I, will be letting u hear b4 my mixtape drops. its gonna be sick I promise but its hardly what I expected. I only have like 3 features which isnt a problem but my hypes not quite right (can I get sum blog post' plz?)
but seriously i'd appreciate it

Mar 16, 2009

Friday night lights

this is another old one...

I went to see The Watchmen that shit was ill
almost everything I expected it to be. hopefully the dvd release will be what I imagined. but either way, I wanna go back and see it in imax.
never seen one


I like this pic

sumhow this jus ends up in my pocket everyday

if only you could see thru these lenses

One reason I started takin this seriously

then theres...

I dont really remember when I took these so i'll jus throw em in


This Life I Live

same logos
different name

Its undescribable how lazy i've been. This shoulda been posted a while ago but...

I went to Rogue Status to peep what the new drop was like. There was sum cool stuff




This took precision and timing lol
think this is tight
tee is sick

Anwar gave me a free shirt...yeah it was from the past but thanks mann

Mar 13, 2009

another lola luv track

Well at least this ones better...

I just wish she wasnt so bomb for sum reason

lina's mixtape of the week...

being that i am a die-hard quest fan...
i just downloaded this mixtape todayyy and i'm having a FIELD DAY with it! =D

my favorite track i cant get over is the Breathe & Stop mixx (#25).
and the Jazz remix f. Blu(# 19). i love the way he switched up the wording on q-tip's verse.

J.Period Presents, The [Abstract]:

J.Period is flawless on this mix!


Skeme-The Smoke Session

Skeme sent me this, this mornin. The amazing thing about this is that it was recorded in one last night. and its all freestyle (i think)
no touchin this nigga

1.) Move (Skeme vs. Mims)

2.)Magnificent (Skeme vs. Rick Ross)

3.)Lust For Life (Skeme vs. Drake)

4.)Rockin That Shit (Skeme vs. The Dream)

5.)Comfortable (Skeme vs. Lil Wayne)

6.)Crack A Bottle (Skeme vs. Eminem, Dr.Dre, 50 Cent)

7.)I Can Sell It (Skeme vs. E-40)

8.)Gimme Tha Loot (Skeme vs. Notorious B.I.G.)

9.)Respect (Skeme vs. Notorious B.I.G.)

hopefuly something coming soon


the second first of this is better than anything wayne can ever spit...



Mar 11, 2009

Mike G-A Million And One Answers

jus did this still sounds like sumthins wrong wit it
Mike Check on the way

lemmie kno what u think

Download: A Million And One Answers

look what I found...

lost count...

but there's this czech, looks like, website...that posted my song

cuz of casey

but thats cool

look at it here...I kno u wont be able to read it lol

I think it taks a while to kno that im not sending you a virus or anything

The Carter Family Reunion (Mixtape)

So I listened to it...this shit knock
concept is impressive

thats how Carter does lol

Download: The Carter Family Reunion

Mar 10, 2009

The Dream ft. Christina Milian-Amazin Remix

I like this...The Dream is aiight, C.Mil is amazing.

I'll address it.
I kno im not going to get Christina Milian. I say it because she is my 1/2 of my main motivation.

Her and money.

Shes not the reason I started, but she is the reason im still doin this shit. Its mostly mental but...whatever

imma get her

Mar 9, 2009

Dont get it twisted

too many brag about shit they dont kno about...happens all the time, this is just recent

if you go the the youtube page for this video and read the comments, its apparent that 9/10 of them never heard this...

Veridis Quo - Daft Punk

not mad, jus want you to kno

Mar 7, 2009


this is really well put together.
the 17th

Flown In From: Peas And Carrots

Mar 3, 2009


a psp why?. not saying I wouldnt get it if the price is right but why. I kno that sony isnt fuccin with sony ericsson on the PS label. but its whatever

Read FullArticle Here

Mar 2, 2009


jay electronica is where I draw the line tho

How To Rob - 50 Cent

Flown In From: CtotheJL

LaVish Ft. B.Allan & Citee

This is G...

Download:Im Ill

Why dont ppl have jobs anymore...

the set up and visuals on this one is sorta cool
but then it gets boring

2:07...EPIC FAIL

Danger - Mystical

Look What I Found pt.3

just keep em off the wall like vans logos