Jan 30, 2009

Melrose On Mondays pt.5

well...my last post aint gon stop me
ok...I havnt done one of these in a while because im up there like every other day and I dont think shit is enought to blog about but...

Yesterday, me and the homie k.sweet Went to The Hundreds to cop some shit. Shit was cool from the start, some things made me happy even before we left (:-D). But we got to rosewood and saw that SLB was open (sidebar: Sal is having a sample sale and the store closes between the 8-10th next month. I suggest you get down there ASAP) when we walked by we saw tht nigga DOM in there. But straight to the hundreds, copped shit, went back to SLB. That boy Carter was bumpin some of his shit so we posted for a lil bit to listen to it. I always see him but aside from our first convo (bout the hundreds...what else?) we never spoke other than wuddup. We decided to chop it up for a min. Dude is one of the realest niggas I ever met. He hard at work in the studio and shit and since SLB is closing its gonna be a full time grind. And you know what I do, you know where hes from, should I say whats coming next?

they know

Outta Space - CARTER
and Lina knew how to take the ads and shit off the whole time and never told me

morning sunrise.

I really can't tell you how good this song makes me feel. man. this songg is truly a blessing. it definitely calms your spirit.

Morning Sunrise (Dear Summer Sample) - Weldon Irvine

Peace&&Blessings Today.



this life I live...
filled wit material shit but Its like I gotta have it.
I keep my recipts from streetwear sales, when I do get them. I was lookin thru totals and shit...and decided to add them up. the final results was 907.28. i know it dont seen like way too much but take this into consideration; this is from September 08'- Now, all of this was money thats mine and I worked for, these are from the times that I got reciepts and kept them...im pretty sure I got more layin around somewhere.
im not trynna wave money in ur face and shit. Im as ashamed as you are but im still me. and it wont stop...

although this shit is tru (I do love money...lol) I can assure you the choice of song is completely coincidental

Straight Cash (Remix) - French Ft Cassidy

Jan 28, 2009

speaking of bitch...

I mean which...

listen to the new MellowHype joint


1000 $ounds

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im happy I could keep you entertained for the short time you visit this blog.
we thank you

im wishin someone would tell me how to block these fuckin ads on the players
I love this song

How Long - Out Hud

thinking of goin over it but ionno. maybe for fun.

but if one more person ask about Customized Greatly imma backhand them. number 7 type shit (think about it...then laugh). now I see how CV feel when niggas (including me) ask him when he gon drop his shit. he get it from all angeles tho. just hold on.
imma stop askin ppl too

Jan 27, 2009


Obama's supposedly considering to leagalize maryjane.well not exactly LEGALIZE it. His exact words were "decriminalize it" Quite interesting. check it out:


Jan 26, 2009

Jan 21, 2009

F*ck You

im trynna go to sleep but my nigga k.sweet hit me wit this track. so forgive me if it seems like im rambling.

brandUn DeShay dropped a new song. All I can say is this track is stunning. I swear the only way niggas are going to catch up to this man is if someone ties him down (get the rope..lol).

to hear it click here----> t('.'t)

this shit is...like wtf
if I tried to find something to quote i'd end up typing the whole song. Once again the sample is fuckin crazy. I love the whole cocky yet relaxed vibe of the song. Perfect title lol. I would have to say the most impressive thing is him singing on the hook. A couple rappers can sing, hardly any singers can rap but I wouldnt call B.Rud neither

dudes amazing.

(so imma be up for another hour and a half listning to this song. and humming it for the next couple of days.)

Jan 20, 2009

Exhibit A (Transformations)

Like I said this is one of my favorite songs. When I heard the real version I just had to do something. So I was up till 3 this morning looping and writing and I recorded it about 2 hours ago. I think its amazing but my lack of the proper tools make it hard for me to express that to you.but still...shit is sick. I urge you to listen to the whole thing.

if you hear anybody else on this lemmie kno...I doubt you will

Download: Mike G Ft. Jay Electronica-Exhibit A (Transformations)

Transformations - Mike G, Jay Electronica

Casey Veggies-Letter To Who Listens

Mann this track is amazing. For a young nigga to be so talented is the world needs. im not even gonna post the song or nothin

go to
Peas and Carrots

Jan 19, 2009


I sat in my room all day, said fuck a parade. Im trin to get customized greatly vol 1 screwed up and presented but this shit is unfair...(like nigga have you ever heard a madlib beat slowed down?). Imma get it done. This is the only project where niggas is askin if I finished yet (its been a week...calm down). I really didnt have shit to do so I went thru allllll of Ace posts on oddfutur.com since he said hes giving the blog up. Once I ran thru, I noticed he says that alot but its still disappointing. This time I think he may be serious. But I can honestly say if you could see the shit that runs through his mind, you would look to this nigga for insperation as I do. Aside from the homicidal thoughts its clear to see that hes easly and obviously imatated. I see it so many times. People that try to be different all end up looking the same to me. The worst thing is that its their intention to be different and its a shame.

on another note...The Odd Future Tape Chopped And Screwed has been my best success so far. Which rolls over into Cocaine Keys. And it seems like Im always talkin about this song like to the point to where I wasnt gonna put it on my real mixtape thats comin up but I realize niggas are just now tellin me they like to song. Thank you. Fuck you

on (another)another note We get a new president tomorrow. I think its time I stopped keeping shit inside about this. I really dont see what all the hype is about Obama. Ok I voted for him but it was in the same mindstate I got for going to college. I only did it because its expected. I cant recall one person asking me who I voted for. I dont own any fucking obama merch because honestly I think its explotation using the mans image without his knowlege to make a profit. Plus all the shit I seen is ugly as fuck. All the fake Time covers to the bootleg movie shit (head of state...wtf). Out of all the shit ive seen tho, i'd have to say I acutally like this. I still stand behind what I said tho. I can say im glad bush is out of office tho. This nigga has been ruining this country for damm near half my life.

its time to let someone else do it

I hardly think words express my mood anymore so I might put a song in everypost (that isnnt about music...)
heres 3(4).
I dont kno how to tak the ads and search bar off and shit so...

yes I listen to techno

Club Soda - Daft Punk

This shit bangs...I couldnt find the original. I get download i might fuck wit it

Human After All (SebastiAn Remix) - Daft Punk

one of my favorite songs...I never knew there was two versions. They're essentally the same but the second one is more marketable while the first is grimier (sp?). I like each in their own way. Listen to both.

Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica
I might loop this up on the keys. $ounds sick

Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica

I feel sick

look what I found

Hodgy Beats Freestyle...over Jack and The Beanstalk
jeez mann he went crazy on this


Jan 18, 2009

Cocaine Keys Remix Chopped And Screwed

dunno why I havent done this yet...
I dont really like chopping and screwing my own songs but since this is my favorite song (thats my own) I felt I should. I think this is sick as fuck and I hate to $ound cocky but I think im amazing...lol.


Cocaine Keys Chopped And Screwed - Mike G

Cocaine Keys Tee

Download: Cocaine Keys Chopped And Screwed