Jan 6, 2009


man. i think i found my new group of future babydaddies. =]

Hollyweerd is here! A relatively new group hailing from the south, ATL to be exact. you can tell from the bass lines in some of their songs like "Go Hard or Go Home" that it has a southern smoke kinda feel but the synths and other sounds used on their tracks are fresh and futuristic. They categorize themselfs as Ghettotech-Soul and some other terms i cant remember. It's like a funky soul techno fusion dream =]. I'm a groupie already lol. but anyway, their individual names are Tuki, Dreamer, The Love Crusader and Stago Lee, who is a SAXOPHONIST. take a listen here. this is my favorite track and it's also the my song of the moment on my page. man this year is lookin good already! i hope they blow up as they rightfully should! enjoy



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