Jan 30, 2009

Melrose On Mondays pt.5

well...my last post aint gon stop me
ok...I havnt done one of these in a while because im up there like every other day and I dont think shit is enought to blog about but...

Yesterday, me and the homie k.sweet Went to The Hundreds to cop some shit. Shit was cool from the start, some things made me happy even before we left (:-D). But we got to rosewood and saw that SLB was open (sidebar: Sal is having a sample sale and the store closes between the 8-10th next month. I suggest you get down there ASAP) when we walked by we saw tht nigga DOM in there. But straight to the hundreds, copped shit, went back to SLB. That boy Carter was bumpin some of his shit so we posted for a lil bit to listen to it. I always see him but aside from our first convo (bout the hundreds...what else?) we never spoke other than wuddup. We decided to chop it up for a min. Dude is one of the realest niggas I ever met. He hard at work in the studio and shit and since SLB is closing its gonna be a full time grind. And you know what I do, you know where hes from, should I say whats coming next?

they know

Outta Space - CARTER
and Lina knew how to take the ads and shit off the whole time and never told me


Lina B said...

oopsiess =X

i didn't think the adds mattered to you lol.

The King Mike G said...

uggh...you aint see me complainin the whole time?

Lina B said...

actually no. =[

like i said. my bad.


what did you do to our blog mike?