Jan 2, 2009

Re: the doo doo mama anthem.

mann...you have no idea how much I liked this chick lol. since I seen her in the I Luv It video she been on my first model to f*ck list...it makes sense to me lmfao.
but this changes stuff. the song isn't that bad (especially for a model...they're supposed to be seen and not heard). its just you can hardly understand her on sum forced ghetto shit. lowkey she got flow...she said "I am iced up, like a figure skater" haha...she need to learn how to get them videos tho. I mean she was in like 6 g-unit videos( 50 'million dollar budget' Cent?). On sum real shit I'd do a song wit her I just hope she dont drop an album...lmao

but uhhh just know pornos are the next step

shes still #1 on the list

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Lina B said...

im not denying her beauty she's gorgeous..it's just when she opened her mouth, all that bullshit kinda made her a lil "ughh" in my eyes. but i guess. to each his own. this shit still wack to me.