Nov 26, 2008

And I Push Keys Like...

From the jump my intentions were to get Casey Veggies on this song (since like early June). Well I finally accomplished something. People dont know I dont really have niggas lining up to give me beats (no good ones anyway) the main ppl that hit me up are the homies and most of the time i ask them. You gotta realize im far from an average rapper and the only thing me and you have in common is the air we breathe. I been pushing this song the whole time because it has been my favorite out of the little amount of original songs I have. And now that I got a feature from a person that i listen to on a regular basis I feel this is major.

well for me it is anyway.
im on my way

Cocaine Keys ft Casey Veggies - Mike G

still feel like I coulda done better but either way
Thank You:
Left Brain
Casey Veggies
& The Man That Stares Back At Me When I Look In The Mirror

Nov 25, 2008

Gangsta Boogie: Tribe Style

You may have heard this throwback on a pseudo-GTA videogame called Saints Row 2, but I chose to put it up because I love A Tribe Called Quest, and as for producing, they DID that shit on this track.

Nevermind the guy rapping (his name is Apache. Go figure. lol); Tribe never seems to disappoint me. =]

Nov 21, 2008


There are some horny bastards over at DISSIZIT...I like it lmao
(Carmen Electra is sick...jeez)

Nov 20, 2008

Ruff n' Tumble

I feel so terrible for doing this. lol.Fast forward to 2:10 and have a nice life!


Nov 19, 2008

The Preview

Listen, Download, Enjoy, Live

They say ur....fuck it

I dont kno if you remember this but that was in September. Once again the Odd Future mixtape is buzzin. These dudes are gonna be famous.

Fight Night

OK...I will officially have to hop off this Tekken 4 Feb 17th. The new characters look cool and the orignals look amazing (that blanka & balrog fight is crazy)

Street Fighter IV

Nov 17, 2008

"Just Like My Bathing Apes..."

lowkey old news but these are sick as fuck

Quoteworthy (about 2:30 in)
Pillow Talk - KiD CuDi

Nov 16, 2008

I Feel Appreciated! =]

Lmfao. On that note, G'nite folkss!

Nov 15, 2008

Nov 13, 2008

I Win

New song with brandUn DeShay coming soon...

I will let u kno sumthing soon


Pegleg NYC

Nov 12, 2008

Nov 10, 2008

Come Fly With Me

brandUn DeShay:
First off brandUn DeShay might be the best hybrid to hail from Chi-town since Ye.
But I hate comparing underground to major artist. Lets get into this. Listen to the song while reading.

Pure Genious [Prod. Masterminds] - brandUn DeShay

Ummm...where do I start. Oh yeah, The Discovery=
As an avid reader of Peas & Carrots, I happen to come across a post Casey V. made about a new song he was featured on by this cat B.Rud. Right from the jump amazement struck me. 'Go Fly A Kite', produced by the man himself, stuck to me instantly. I knew I would have to search this dude out. It didn't take long (kinda found him on accident). I gave him props on the song and the surprising thing was that I didn't receive a plain 'thanks alot fam', but he actually listened to my tracks and gave his feedback. By far I would say when connect with fan base comes up on the list, he gets a 10. Aside from the visually inspiring sounds and relative aliases, I must say the man is a genius, even...'Pure Genius' maybe? Either way, with every line I ponder how the hell he comes up with shit like this. I will never know but I respect this guy as an artist, a man, and an unknown legend. 'Volume: One! For The Money' was his jump off mixtape.

Uhhh yeah damn...I know I'm missing something...

well I will interview him sometime in this lifetime and I will without a doubt try to work with him. But till then know this, I put so many people on to him and I'm glad I did.

"Now I Don't It Know All
But A Couple Things I Do Know
The Music Is A Talent You Cant Planet Like Pluto"
-Ooo Wee Freestyle

This Is Defiantly A Man Of 100 $ounds.

Nov 9, 2008

Let Us Begin... let you know, I created this blog to review music (hence the name...) but I'm pretty sure I have yet to do so properly. Shall we start?
Well since this is 1st I will go major (sorta). Listen to the track while reading

Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica:
I have been hearing about this dude since around '06. I never got into his music avidly, I figured he would be around for a lil bit then disappear off the scene. I was wrong. This is a man from the South (New Orleans) with a style that's New York mixed with Detroit with a lil bit of Outta This World. He is also an amazing producer. A notary track hes done, that you may have heard, would be 'Queens Get The Money' by Nas. My favorite track on the album, pure wisdom spit over nothing but piano keys. In case you haven't heard, I have my own version to this track (the mixtape will be out sometime December or next year most can wait right?). Jay has dropped street classics that have amazed the people that listen to him. He grew a buzz with the 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' track and blew my mind with 'Transformations' (prod by Jus Blaze). I love how hes in tight with many really big artists and still remained underground. He is easly one of my favorite artist of 2008. But his lyrics should be the main topic. Complexly simple and elegant rhyme schemes make his music a really enjoyable experience.

"Your Now Fuckin With The Best
Extra Extra Read All About The Extra-Terrest
With Terets.
They All Wait In Line For Whats Next,
Abra-Cadbra The Crowd Went Deaf
Eyes Went Stage Right But I Went Left"
-Extra Extra

This Is Really A Man Of 100 $ounds


I know a nigga that is gonna flip for this

Nov 6, 2008

This is highly disappointing

If you dont know, Alife is my favorite store/brand aside from TH. Since my first visit to Fairfax I have been fiendin for they stuff. I really dont wanna go to Hollywood to cop...screw dat


"With the success of the Alife Pop-up shop in Los Angeles on Fairfax, the NY based brand has decided to open up their official flagship store here on the West Coast in Hollywood,CA. No word on the offial store opening but here’s a snap shot of the store front."

Pegleg NYC

Mixed Check Crewneck cuhh...this shit is ill

I doubt i'd wear it but my nigga Left Brain would love this shit


Imma need some sick ass kicks for this...where/what to get?
fuck it

Nov 4, 2008

Scotty Beam Me Up

I dont know if this is real or not...if it is this is the coolest way to interview ever.

I voted

fuckin right

Ive never been the type to try and influence others opinions, thats why you will never see me in a shirt like this. Im also not the one to run around campaining for another person but since polls close in like 4 hours, I can say that I did vote for B.H.O.

The main thing that pissed me off was fucking 15 and 16 year olds were telling me to vote for him and shit. Im like shut the fuck up...nobody cares what you think. Shit wait till 2012 when you can vote then say '4 More Years' or some shit. But for now just sit back and let the big boys take care of business.

Let us live

took him long enough

He shoulda put like all 20 versions he did together on

"If I am not the ill-e-est what alais really sincerely is?"

Nov 3, 2008

and I dont even smoke weed

This shit is addicting homo
Wiz killed it

Nov 1, 2008

Happy day after

I like this verson waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the original...
this kid is ill