Nov 9, 2008

Let Us Begin... let you know, I created this blog to review music (hence the name...) but I'm pretty sure I have yet to do so properly. Shall we start?
Well since this is 1st I will go major (sorta). Listen to the track while reading

Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica:
I have been hearing about this dude since around '06. I never got into his music avidly, I figured he would be around for a lil bit then disappear off the scene. I was wrong. This is a man from the South (New Orleans) with a style that's New York mixed with Detroit with a lil bit of Outta This World. He is also an amazing producer. A notary track hes done, that you may have heard, would be 'Queens Get The Money' by Nas. My favorite track on the album, pure wisdom spit over nothing but piano keys. In case you haven't heard, I have my own version to this track (the mixtape will be out sometime December or next year most can wait right?). Jay has dropped street classics that have amazed the people that listen to him. He grew a buzz with the 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' track and blew my mind with 'Transformations' (prod by Jus Blaze). I love how hes in tight with many really big artists and still remained underground. He is easly one of my favorite artist of 2008. But his lyrics should be the main topic. Complexly simple and elegant rhyme schemes make his music a really enjoyable experience.

"Your Now Fuckin With The Best
Extra Extra Read All About The Extra-Terrest
With Terets.
They All Wait In Line For Whats Next,
Abra-Cadbra The Crowd Went Deaf
Eyes Went Stage Right But I Went Left"
-Extra Extra

This Is Really A Man Of 100 $ounds


chanel said...
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chanel said...

thanks for puttin me onto him. i reallyyy like him. good stuff!