Nov 26, 2008

And I Push Keys Like...

From the jump my intentions were to get Casey Veggies on this song (since like early June). Well I finally accomplished something. People dont know I dont really have niggas lining up to give me beats (no good ones anyway) the main ppl that hit me up are the homies and most of the time i ask them. You gotta realize im far from an average rapper and the only thing me and you have in common is the air we breathe. I been pushing this song the whole time because it has been my favorite out of the little amount of original songs I have. And now that I got a feature from a person that i listen to on a regular basis I feel this is major.

well for me it is anyway.
im on my way

Cocaine Keys ft Casey Veggies - Mike G

still feel like I coulda done better but either way
Thank You:
Left Brain
Casey Veggies
& The Man That Stares Back At Me When I Look In The Mirror

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