Dec 1, 2008

U Down Wit ODD?

O MY GOODNESS. If you haven't downloaded this shit by now (what are u doin wit yo life?)
from the Fuckin intro to the Fuckin last second this shit is amazing. 19 tracks of DAMN.

Tyler The Creator is fuckin unbelievable. He put this whole thing together his self and this thing is simply inspiration. I dont know how he does it but the thing that matters is that he does. Between the beats and rhymes he might be the best doin it.

Casey Veggies does his thing hard. You cant compare his lyrics to anybodys

nuff said

Hodgy Beats works hard at this game and you can tell. 'Best Rapper In Pasadena'. I'll give u that

The Super Three can produce sum shit. What more can I say

Left Brain is my nigga. Im glad I had the chance to get acquainted with this dude. His beats are tight as fuck and they kept me rappin (thats the first time I told anyone that). Real shit.

OF changed my life

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