Dec 27, 2008

Back For Another One

I been gone for a week mann. Some shit has happened in that time period. I moved to Ladera so im in a new house. I feel it changed me for some odd reason but these other niggas are still the same. Its shameful.On another note my nigga Left Brain is home for the break so of course we had to go spend sum cheeze.

my lil niggas K.Sweet, Stoney, and CJ came along for the ride. They young but I could bet they fresher, cooler, and got more hoes that you. I refuse to hang wit hypebeasts
(that equals niggas like you)

once again im wit the cheap camera till I getta charger

Stoney looked like a loc

Keith...nigga didnt even care to get dressed


Daniel cuhh

Left Brain

that was the weirdest metro I been on EVER....I will not say why

real pimps


The Conart goes hard


my 1st time at this store. I will never disclose its location to anyone


this what u gotta do

to live like a g

on sum shit. We do cop boutique bags like its nothin.

Food & Fits.

Aint no wendys in the hood.
Thank you