Dec 11, 2009

Hollywood Squares

here's a dope track by Richard Wright aka Richforareason and it was produced by 2Hi. Not much to say, only that the track is dope i truly feel that Niggas are SLEEPING on Richforareason and he's underrated point blank. I'm rootin for you Rich!


P.S: im also veryy proud of my blogmate Mike G. and his first studio recorded song with Tyler The Creator! Timeless is dope, and it's a miracle how you got Tyler on the track with you because as we all know he's VERY selective(and rightfully so). much love to you Mike G. keep it comingg! =]

Dec 7, 2009

Mike G - Timeless Ft. Tyler, The Creator (Prod. Left Brain)

First things first; as much as I wish it was, this beat was NOT MADE FOR ME! This is definatly a Mellowhype track. Long nights called for fruitful efforts. Im still conflicted on what imma do with this track.

So this is my first song recorded in a studio. Wonderful experience.

Download: Mike G Ft. Tyler The Creator - Timeless

and I think you should listen to 'Take Time' on MellowHype's myspace

Tyler The Creator - VCR Chopped And Screwed

what more can I say?

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator - VCR Chopped And Screwed

Dec 6, 2009

Tyler, The Creator - VCR

These past 2 weeks i've been doing things ive never done before. Things are changing but still things dont go the way I way I want. It really feels like nothing will ever be the same. The concept of time really bugs the hell out of me. You'll see...

Anyway check out this song by ACE. Really dope.

DOWNLOAD: Tyler The Creator - VCR