Aug 22, 2008

I Feel Big

If u can look me in the eye and tell me dis shit aint funny....

Obama 08

So Sen. Barack picked another Sen. as his running mate...not what I had in mind. I guess I thought it was gonna be like Head Of State all over again (RIP Bernie Mac) but I guess I was wrong. Still if we wanted another old ass white dude in the white house we would vote 4 mccain


Sorry about the absence...
gettin ready 4 college and shit

Aug 19, 2008

Kick It Pt. 2 (Nike)

Illuminated Confusion

Marty McFly Hyperdunks (sorri its small) Back 2 The Future Shit

Supreme Hyperdunks

?uest Love

Aug 15, 2008

Imma leave u wit this

from the the A to LA...i be on the plane 2morrow back to my city

so remember the days...the summer is damm near over

Kicks And Chicks

Tell me Shantell Reisinger does not make u want the tee and the j's...
...thought so
get the tee at

(im feelin retro)

Aug 13, 2008

Jockin Mike G

Im waiting for someone to leak the instrumental so I can get on it...

ionno why im rushin it
I guess so I can be one of the first on it before it ends up like A Millie and everyone is tired of it FUCK IT

Day 2

Guess Who's Bizaack

Aug 12, 2008

Recap 08/12

I think the first day of this went well...

see you in the morning kids...

one last thing


alife x levi

A yo the Alife 501's are sick althought the bright colors never appealed to me

Ill Flow

Yo Dis might be the best cypher in the history

shouts 2 CV

Customized Greatly

Yo real shit if you dont like the music fuck you but enough about me.
This kid is the future of California the future lookin really bright for us huh?
Download this dudes mixtape vol. 1
(still trynna find out when vol.2 droppin)

check him out

Kick it pt.1

The trainers be on point

Not my style

I think these are over-rated but thats on the niggas who buy em
Now this is what u do

I dont do Supreme but u kno

R.I.P. 57-08

Everyone Needs One

Im waiting to get back to LA so I hit up the shop. I need some tees...I need some money 2


Get Off My Lawn

These Niggas are stupid
tyler, the fuckin creator

Im Illie

Check Me out

Change Up

one of the at Hall Of Fame