Feb 27, 2009

bringing "old school" to a WHOLE new level !

i was amused =]

i peeped this on thespliffla, so props to them on this post =]


Feb 25, 2009

Dr. Who Dat?

. . . aka Jneiro Jarel is the TRUTH . I may be late but Beat Journey still gives me chills ! anybody know where can i download that ASAP(Flash) track?

Braziliant Thought - Jneiro Jarel

Confidently Modest Chopped And Screwed

ok....I hope im not jumpin too soon cuz its still gonna be a min before I get to do vol.2
but you should already kno that I think this song is too sick

Confidently Modest - brandUn DeShay, Mike G

but it $ound better screwed up lmao

sorri its not a detailed visual but I jus did a quick image and this is just a quick post cuz im bout to bounce
I gotta class...

Feb 23, 2009

brandUn DeShay Presents: Volume Two! For The Show

*cue the dramatic music*

And here it is.
This shit is amazing. Im like speachless

Download Here

as much as he leaked, everything $ounds freshly picked from perfection

oh yeah
when you hear the outro...kno I (sorta) got 2shoutouts


i LOVE isaiah carey!

funniest reporter man ever in life. he takes anchor man to a whole new level lmao.

where is he now?!?! lmao


Feb 22, 2009

Can You Work With That Ft. Casey Veggies

so uhh...C-San tol me to check this out
this shit is sick. On his "I Want To Work With Quick" mixtape. (Which ummm...well im not gonna say)

Download: C-San-Can You Work With That

im still alive lol

been lazy wit the post but its aiight


Our Black Asses - Phonte

Feb 18, 2009

CG Vol.2 Preview

(I KNO...he aint rap over that...smh)

Josh Peas wit the teaser

March 17th offical release date. imma try and contain my self. that also means I got time so imma finish the 2 tapes im workin on now and then mos likely b.rud tape will drop soon. imma busy dude.

Flown In From:Peas And Carrots


sometime last week i met an interesting rapper on myspace and he goes by the name of RICHFORAREASON. i listened to his music and i still don't know why i haven't heard of him sooner. this brotha is TALENTED. he's made appearances at the Spliff and at the Kntting Factory. He has this one song that appears to be a crowd favorite (mine too =]) called I'm Cool which i heard he might be doing a video for. He has a chill, calm, and collected vibe to him which is always a plus in my book, and he even spit a verse or two for me when i talked to him! Enjoy is music here!

this is a video of him freestylin. he comes in at 0:46


Feb 17, 2009

Cry No More

Chris Brown's apology song.

. . . ?

no commentary just yet.
you be the judge.


Feb 16, 2009

Dont Beast For The Hype

umm...shot to the mall today went to a couple shoe stores
I thought the display was kinda cool
nigga Stoney might fuck wit the boots now
main reason im doin this post. these suck. they are lame. they might make u feel good if u have em on cuz they jordans but other than that there is no need for them to be on shelves
Moral of the story...

With a Professional - Dabrye

Feb 15, 2009

R.I.P. Big L

I was trynna do a couple post leading up to this but uhh...
one of the best without doubt

this one is without question one of the best sessions ever...I listen to this shit everyday. (btw Jay-Z is fuckin sick)

May 30th, 1974-Feb.15, 1999

Feb 13, 2009

A B Selection Chopped and Screwed

nothin much to say...I started this a while ago.. but u kno
im busy and shit.

Download: A B Selection Ft. LaVish Chopped And Screwed

before I put the braids in...

I used to let the waves spin


brandUn DeShay...

first off look at his feature...
and we will take this one song at a time

100 proof absolut=I been on this song since it was up on his page (till he took it down...lol)

Thomas The Train (ft LaVish, B Allan)=THE FIRST TIME I EVER HEARD HIM MENTION CLOTHES...well streetwear. but if you listen to the samples youll get the title. inspiring (lmao...street fighter clip)

On Your Marks= Full Version!!!!. jeez

F*ck You= you already kno

Cold Pillow Freestyle-do you need an explaination? (perfect valentines day song too)

Feb 12, 2009

T-T-T-Tyga Mann...

but thats because I had no intentions on it. tyga did ok as usual but what do you expect...

TYGA - La La La Boom from Nick Andrewes on Vimeo.

fuck the bull...gimmie the instrumental

Feb 10, 2009

Mike G(ucci)

this the logo I been usin for the past year or so...I want it on a chain (not this colorway tho lol)

plus I got a lil playful freestyle on this. I spit it to Stoney had him craccin up
sound quality is way bad so u wont hear it unless I re-record it (unless your one of the special few that have the exclusive version of Westcoast Legend vol.2 lol...but theres only one of those in the world and it didnt go to the girl I intended but fuck it
I still had a bad one bumpin it ;-D )

Down - Cameron

Feb 9, 2009

in the south they call him "curly"

lol. this is one of the most entertaining beefs i've took note of in a while. ENJOY!

Mike G-Exhibit A ft. LaVish

dunno what to say bout this one
this shit is dope. You heard the previous version (have you?) but that was just experimentation. Heres the real shit.

I like this one...I hope u do too

and I dont usually do this so...I figure I'll let u have something

Download: Mike G-Exhibit A (Transformations) Ft. Lavish


Feb 8, 2009

all that for a punk ass fur coat?

smh. a punk ass fur coat you not EVER gon wear because u live in where? FLORIDA?! her priorities are all wrongg. lmfao. well anyways. this definitely was an entertaining segment for the Fiddy vs. Ricky Ross beef. Hope Yall Enjoy!


"The Lonly Loner Seems To Free His..."

So my dad fell asleep and didnt pick me up from work (again). So after a 7 hour shift at a liquor store where im runnin around makin sure shit is up to par for the alcoholiks that dont give a fuck how the shit looks, I had to walk 1 1/2 miles to the bus stop and wait for an hour for the bus to come. I wouldnt mind that much if it wasnt 49 degrees outside, a saturday where I gotta look at all these ppl pass me by all dressed up and shit to go to where ever the fuck the parties at, and 1 A.M. but...this time was different for sum reason. I listened to 3 songs over a 2 hour period. The first one was my newest song (on my myspace), found out I need to re-record it cuz my vocals are too low, 2nd, Cocaine Keys Remix (on my myspace too), found out my vocals are too loud on that one. The third was Day N' Night...once I put that one on the bus came. I listened to it more intensely that I ever had before. Everytime I hear it, I kno it relates to me so much (contrasting the 'stoner' refrences). I thought I had it figured out but as I listened to it more, I could feel it growing on me. I didnt really have to think about it anymore as I walked to my house. The night was kind of nice. The way the clouds covered the full moon was stunning. It didnt even matter how tired I was (am), I didnt want to get to the house faster because the feeling I had was euphoric. Everytime the song would start over it made me think about something different. Every lyric made me feel better. Not like nothing mattered, but like everything did. It got to the point where I was moving at a snails pace, smiling, and glancing at the moon, happy to be alive.
Too much time is wasted. sorri if i wasted yours

Words can never describe

Day N Nite - KiD CuDi

thank you
-Mr. Solo Dolo...

Feb 6, 2009

Sucka MC's Should Call Me...


mann fuck I start classes on Monday and I'm not ready at all. I don't really kno where the time went and what the hell happened but two of the classes I planned on taking were cancelled. And its already hard as hell to decide wtf I want to take. so now I need to find those two spots to fill and another class to make me full time...

I fuckin miss high school

where there was always a nagging counselor to tell what you had to take and what you didn't...and put you in those classes anyway. smh

2 Bad - Michael Jackson

Feb 5, 2009


Who ever knew nerd vehicles could be so dangerous
I didnt kno they could go that fast

I still want one...

since these go hand in hand, I'll give you two

Unbreakable - Michael Jackson

Unbelievable - The Notorious B.I.G.

Feb 4, 2009

I knew thiis would happen sooner or later


you better get rid of them t-shirts you got in ur closet and plan on wearing every
and Aug.4th (thats cuhh birthday)

I believe hes gonna win the case

but if you think its wrong to laugh...
fuck you

this is the theme song btw

Got Damn Love It - Wiz Khalifa

why the fuck

havent you reposted this?

what the fuck?

catch up nigga



look what I found pt.2

lmaoo...this shit got me rotfl
pure comedy
dude is a fool for this one. but im glad he dont give a fuck what ppl think about him. its funny cuz i can relate to this...hahahaha
all bad

when I ran across this I was lookin for CH songs not videos
even tho she is my favorite 'star'
I was lookin for music
not Lacey Duvalle

DISCLAMER: If you do not kno who Lacey Duvalle is, I suggest you do not google that name...
unless ur alone

Frank White

I watched Notorious earlier today. I think that shit is amazing. Best movie thats been made in years (from what I've seen). I'm glad I downloaded it cuz that shit is just inspiration. I cant explain how it made me feel but it changed me. I'm hoping the feeling stays this time and doesnt wear off like it other movies I watched (Click, Yes Man, and sum other ones I cant think of). But if you have not seen it. I suggest you find a way. Cant tell you to go to a theater cuz thats not what I did but uhhh...If your like me you might want to watch this one by yourself lol. The person next to you (behind, in front, etc.) wont be as excited that your happy and can rap the songs along wit the movie. Its not like the other movies that tell you material shit dont matter and all that. And I never really listened to B.I.G or Pac as much as everybody else, I never had any idea why the E vs. W shit started, never was into convos about 'real hip hop' but anyway. I will be honest, I cried at the funeral part (i'll be a real nigga) wiped my eyes when moms was rollin in the limo down the streets, the movie ended then I put on Juicy, and started tearin up again. But enough of that.
I might watch this shit every day. ok...not everyday but.


Listen To

my new song dammit

go here

Feb 3, 2009



Mike G Presents: Customized Greatly Vol. 1 Chopped and Screwed

It feels weird presenting this cuz I feel like im missin something but.

I know it took long and to say im sorry for that would be a lie. It took so long cuz this is nothin like i've done before. Either way this nigga is sick and his tape is classic. I hope you like the chopped and screwed one as much as I do. The work I put into this is astounding. Plus the thought of me being amazing keeps returning to my head.lol. Vol.2 should be coming real soon, and when that drops, I shouldnt even have to say.

im hard at work on the next project.
So Until Then, Take It Slow, Enjoy.

Customized Greatly Chopped And Screwed

Download: Customized Greatly Volume One Chopped And Screwed By Mike G

Feb 2, 2009

Kick It pt....?

fuck ionno...I aint used tht title in a while lol
but nike is hardly comes with shit to impress

i like these tho

kinda similar. Theres 12 of the Raws bein made and i think the coralines are a thousand but ^these are 800 while niggas is on eBay askin 5,000 for the Coralines

smh...fuck it
a nigga might go see the movie for these lol

think about it...a bunch of hype ass niggas at a kids movie LMAO

plus I gotta track comin to this
(fuck...how do I follow this nigga?)

A Million And One Questions - Jay Z

I Want...

Tees Like These,
Freshjive, Both Please


theres no way to explain this song

Highliter - Hodgy Beats

Melrose On Mondays pt.6

nothin much to say. more money spent. more projects discussed...


Im Feelin So... - Carter & Dom Kennedy

Feb 1, 2009

jumping out the window?


Ron Brownz couldnt have came in a better time for his carreer cuz currently there is alot of idiods listning to shit like arab money, rotate, and this bullshit sayin that its tight. All of those songs made me sick of hearing them the first time they played. Truthfully I think his time should have been past. Either that or stick to producing. This nigga made some of the best shit...

come on...

live forever

this was me and my brother shit


but now were stuck with this bull shit

well the visuals is nice...
bitches is bomb but that dont mean the song nice at all