Feb 8, 2009

"The Lonly Loner Seems To Free His..."

So my dad fell asleep and didnt pick me up from work (again). So after a 7 hour shift at a liquor store where im runnin around makin sure shit is up to par for the alcoholiks that dont give a fuck how the shit looks, I had to walk 1 1/2 miles to the bus stop and wait for an hour for the bus to come. I wouldnt mind that much if it wasnt 49 degrees outside, a saturday where I gotta look at all these ppl pass me by all dressed up and shit to go to where ever the fuck the parties at, and 1 A.M. but...this time was different for sum reason. I listened to 3 songs over a 2 hour period. The first one was my newest song (on my myspace), found out I need to re-record it cuz my vocals are too low, 2nd, Cocaine Keys Remix (on my myspace too), found out my vocals are too loud on that one. The third was Day N' Night...once I put that one on the bus came. I listened to it more intensely that I ever had before. Everytime I hear it, I kno it relates to me so much (contrasting the 'stoner' refrences). I thought I had it figured out but as I listened to it more, I could feel it growing on me. I didnt really have to think about it anymore as I walked to my house. The night was kind of nice. The way the clouds covered the full moon was stunning. It didnt even matter how tired I was (am), I didnt want to get to the house faster because the feeling I had was euphoric. Everytime the song would start over it made me think about something different. Every lyric made me feel better. Not like nothing mattered, but like everything did. It got to the point where I was moving at a snails pace, smiling, and glancing at the moon, happy to be alive.
Too much time is wasted. sorri if i wasted yours

Words can never describe

Day N Nite - KiD CuDi

thank you
-Mr. Solo Dolo...

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