Nov 10, 2008

Come Fly With Me

brandUn DeShay:
First off brandUn DeShay might be the best hybrid to hail from Chi-town since Ye.
But I hate comparing underground to major artist. Lets get into this. Listen to the song while reading.

Pure Genious [Prod. Masterminds] - brandUn DeShay

Ummm...where do I start. Oh yeah, The Discovery=
As an avid reader of Peas & Carrots, I happen to come across a post Casey V. made about a new song he was featured on by this cat B.Rud. Right from the jump amazement struck me. 'Go Fly A Kite', produced by the man himself, stuck to me instantly. I knew I would have to search this dude out. It didn't take long (kinda found him on accident). I gave him props on the song and the surprising thing was that I didn't receive a plain 'thanks alot fam', but he actually listened to my tracks and gave his feedback. By far I would say when connect with fan base comes up on the list, he gets a 10. Aside from the visually inspiring sounds and relative aliases, I must say the man is a genius, even...'Pure Genius' maybe? Either way, with every line I ponder how the hell he comes up with shit like this. I will never know but I respect this guy as an artist, a man, and an unknown legend. 'Volume: One! For The Money' was his jump off mixtape.

Uhhh yeah damn...I know I'm missing something...

well I will interview him sometime in this lifetime and I will without a doubt try to work with him. But till then know this, I put so many people on to him and I'm glad I did.

"Now I Don't It Know All
But A Couple Things I Do Know
The Music Is A Talent You Cant Planet Like Pluto"
-Ooo Wee Freestyle

This Is Defiantly A Man Of 100 $ounds.

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chanel said...

nice!! i agree with everything you said.