Jan 21, 2009

F*ck You

im trynna go to sleep but my nigga k.sweet hit me wit this track. so forgive me if it seems like im rambling.

brandUn DeShay dropped a new song. All I can say is this track is stunning. I swear the only way niggas are going to catch up to this man is if someone ties him down (get the rope..lol).

to hear it click here----> t('.'t)

this shit is...like wtf
if I tried to find something to quote i'd end up typing the whole song. Once again the sample is fuckin crazy. I love the whole cocky yet relaxed vibe of the song. Perfect title lol. I would have to say the most impressive thing is him singing on the hook. A couple rappers can sing, hardly any singers can rap but I wouldnt call B.Rud neither

dudes amazing.

(so imma be up for another hour and a half listning to this song. and humming it for the next couple of days.)

1 comment:

brandUn DeShay said...

haha thank for the post.

i know you been down for awhile cuz you still call me b rud.

all my close buds do. good look.