Sep 16, 2009

Hi Haters

***UPDATE: I got some request to put the chopped and screwed up for DL...CLICK HERE****

Sorry For The Hiatius...

ummm...ionno. Blogging jus seems to take up time. If you still read this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I gotta keep ppl in the loop so. Im still workin on Mike Check (its coming, dont give up on me). Imma give you these two things I did today.

Hodgy Beats Ft. Mike G - Memorex CD's Remix
From what I can recall, this is the first song that has ever had featuring Mike G. The only thing is that this is jus a 'Mike G-Mix' so to say lmao. I need to step my feature game up lol.

Another 1st is this video I put on youtube...I might start puttin stuff up there on occasion

it just seems like the perfect song...

OH!!! dude. Ionno if anyone ever knew about Westcoast Legend :-X

but my young homie substance found it lmfao

and he REALLY wont let me live it down


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