May 24, 2009

feels like progress

shit is rough for me right now
I hate complanin cuz I kno that there is ppl that are less fortunate than me but im very malcontent. I feel that if I have nothing to complain about then how do I kno that Im moving foward. Its been 5weeks since i lost my job. Ive had 2 interviews so far and neither of them was fuccin with me but I have one on wed. and im hopin that this is my lucky week :-)

I turn 19 on the 6th of next month...

not really looking foward to that because that means there is way more things I have to do
im trynna stop bein lazy and shit but its a hard habit to break

Im feeling extremly hypocritical because I used to notice how people only look to god when things are rocky and then just coast when everything is fine (I used it in a song actually)
but it really feels like prayer works.

But I also have a Internet Radio interview on tuesday it looks excited for that of course.

THeres artist lookin to me for help (rap and R&B)
thats insane to me
like why me?
but I will do whatever I can

Ppl askin for verses of course makes me feel good that someone wants to work with me but im turnin down beats and collabs from some ppl. its gettin outta hand lmao

Mike Check is still in progress but its at a stand still because my computer crashed...Vista is retarded. Its moving along but everything I have is just a fuckin clutter and hopefuly I can straighten everything out soon. Got some stuudios and shit lined up but I still feel like im pressed for time

memory lapse

but anyway

Loofy Just dropped his beat EP

DOWNLOAD: The Weird Shxt EP SS1

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